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Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack Is Perfect for Classic Hollywood Home Decor

Talking about re-using a vintage film reel, take a look at this creative creation: Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack. We would have never thought that you can use a film reel as wine rack, not to mention it looks really good while doing it. When you want to create classic home décor, especially classic Hollywood décor, this vintage decoration would make the room comes to life, just roll the camera!

Cleverly re-purposed classic film reels make it perfect wine rack, an ideal gift for celluloid and Sauvignon Blanc lovers. You would love the attention to detail where each reel is accompanied by a vintage MGM movie, the name of the film can be read on the enclosure card nested inside the box. [Click Here to find more details about this vintage wine rack]

Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack

Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack

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