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GreenAid: Your Tool To Change For Change

When we say eco-friend and do cared for the environment, there are many consideration to make in order to be hailed as eco-friendly like using recycled or recyclable items, using sustainable energy, using earth friendly designs and more. Saving those trees can be the best thing that we can do for us to be considered as eco-friendly and cares for the environment. However, this can also be one of the hardest, as you need to bring in those plants or sprouts, which is obviously a messy thing to do. The GreenAid will help you restore those dry sidewalk cracks and parking medians that we see around us.


The GreenAid is a dispenser of seeds called the seedbombs, which on the other hand is made from a mixture of clay, compost, and seeds. Mimics the look and function of the traditional gumball machine, people can dispense a seed or two from GreenAid and have them thrown away anonymously into areas where they think needs to be restored. With this product, keeping our surroundings green, refreshing, and rehabilitated, thus a beautiful place to live and enjoy. The GreenAid works like a traditional vendo machine that can be placed from any areas where its service is needed.


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Save On Energy For Your Knitted Garments With The Wind Powered Knitting Machine

We have many sources for sustainable energy and this include wind. With the existence of the Wind Powered Knitting Machines, fashionable knitted garments are now eco-friendly as well. Designed by Merel Karhof, an RCA graduate, the wind powered knitting machine is used by the Wind Kintting Factory manufacturing the eco-friendly and stylish scarves for ec0-friendly fashionable and trendy individual. Every now and then, the knitted materials are harvested and rounded off into an individually packaged scarves wherein each has a label indicating the date it was knitted and how much time was consumed when it was knitted. The knitting machine does the knitting from the outside going towards inside the building.

Wind Knitting Machine

Wind Knitting Machine

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