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The Earth Cup: An Earth-friendly Product In Its Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly products are generally uninviting to most people particularly those that are not aware or generally do not care for the environment. To make eco-friendly things inviting, designer Yonius Saritoh had created the Earth Cup. This thermal double walled cup is recyclable and a great alternative to your paper or Styrofoam cups. In addition, reusing the Earth Cup is safe enough because this is safe to be in your dishwasher. In addition, to the inviting look and features of the cup, it has a well-designed earth friendly cardboard packaging that made the cup even more interesting to the eyes. Once in the store shelves, I am pretty much sure, more and more people will be invited to get and own one, and the growth of landfills will be minimized drastically without forcing other to live the green live. The cup alone and its packaging will surely make them realize that living the green life does not mean using those old-fashioned items.

Earth Cup

Earth Cup

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