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Techne Sustainable Staircase Design by Laura Fontanot

Techne is the sustainable staircase that’s worth a thousand words: born as the brainchild of Italian designer, Fontanot, this eco-friendly staircase is the product of in-depth research and creative, avant-garde design. As a prominent fixture in the home, the staircase should make a statement, and with Techne, Fontanot is making a very green statement.

The Techne staircase is a veritable mix between aesthetics and functionality, set apart from the crowd for its innovative material: technopolymer. It is in fact the first staircase in the world to be built using this plastic-like material that is 100% recyclable. The creative mix of material to make Techne is also reinforced with fiberglass, giving it an exceptional mechanical and shockproof resistance as well as elevated levels of tenacity for a sustainable design option that is low impact on the environment and high durability, not to mention stylish.

Techne Sustainable Staircase Design by Laura Fontanot

Techne Sustainable Staircase Design by Laura Fontanot

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