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Come Clean: Cleans Your House As It Cleans The Environment

Natural cleaning solution is obviously a good product to keep the environment safe. With this products, moms especially those stay at home ones are now non-exempt in helping to keep the environment clean and make a better place to live. Come Clean is a natural cleaning solution that contains no harsh chemicals making it an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Included in the Come Clean set is a spray bottle, built-in juicer, microfiber cleaning cloth and the Clean House Green House Guide. It even comes with a reusable sticker used for labeling your cleaning mixture. Ingredients needed to create a cleaning mixture with Come Clean are not hard to find, as it can easily be found in your favorite grocery store.

Come Clean

Come Clean

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Replenish: A Spray Bottle Designed To Help Save The Environment

Caring for the environment is everybody’s business nowadays. Majority of us are thinking of ways on how to save the environment from being destroyed. The Replenish is just another product resulting from an eco-friendly design mind. I know many of you have piles of plastic bottles at home or are being disposed off to your trashcan because of your household cleaning usage and we all know that this can have a huge impact to the environment. To minimize this from happening, the Replenish is created. Made from the most recyclable type of plastic, the PET-1, the Replenish has the “twist-on concentrate pod that contains the concentrated cleaning solution. As you runs out of cleaning solution, all you have to do is to tilt the bottle upside down, squeeze in to fill the bottle with another concentrated solution, add water from your tap, mix, and you’re again ready to go. With this product, your carbon footprint produced in manufacturing the plastic bottle will be dramatically reduced.



Source: Replenish via Core77

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