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The Ten Million Solar Roof Initiative: Will Save Energy Usage By 2020

With the vast call to help save the environment, many are now aware of it and are doing their part in saving the environment. These moves include recycling, using zero emission cars, and the most common for business entities, the installation of solar panels. The Ten Million Solar Roof Initiative is proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont but unluckily was stalled due to lack of support. However, if this proposal will get into fruition, US household will definitely have a decrease in energy cost of about 75 percent, which is a huge savings already. This initiative will not only save the environment but the people from high electricity cost as well.

Ten Million Solar Roof Initiative

Ten Million Solar Roof Initiative

Source: Solar Roof Initiative via Inhabitat

Peugeot Shoo Car Concept with Solar Roof

Another concept of an eco friendly car is now about to hit the road. Some thinks it would be impossible to come into reality however many are excited to see it coming. Aside from in futuristic evolution of design, the Peugeot Shoo also has a solar roof to collect sun rays converting it into a useful energy for the car’s use making it an eco-friendly one. With the features mentioned above, who would ever want to ignore it once starting to hit the road? The look alone is hard to ignore, what more if people will know that it is a zero-emission car.

peugeot shoo car concept with solar panel

peugeot shoo car concept with solar panel

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