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Puma’s Clever Little Bag: An Eco-friendly Alternative For Shoe Boxes

After knowing that shoeboxes produces tons of wastes each year, PUMA has decided to collaborate with designer Yves Behas or Fuse Project to design an eco-friendly shoe packaging for their shoe brand. In result, the Puma’s Clever Little Bag is born. Took 21 months to complete the project, Fuseproject’s Puma’s Clever Little Bag uses 65% less cardboard as compared to the conventional shoebox and it uses a fully recyclable material. More green features of the project include the less labor requirement, less waste generation, less space, and lightweight. With the success of the project PUMA will be have a decrease in water, diesel, and energy consumption of 60% during production.

PUMA's Clever Little Bag

PUMA's Clever Little Bag

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