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Solar Tiles: Creates Eco-friendly Homes

With the people’s growing desire of combating global warming, more and more people are now aware of the things that can help save the environment. Some do the recycling, others uses hybrid cars, while other are into sustainable sources of energy like the sun. The Solar Tiles by Italian company Tegolasolare is just one of the home improvement items that make use of the sun’s renewable energy. The solar tiles are a roof tiles made of red clay embedded with photovoltaic panel making it and eco-friendly roof tiles. When installed, your roof will look like having the traditional roof tiles of clay, but if viewed from above, the solar panels will be visible. With this product, your home electricity usage will definitely be lowered equivalent to the amount produced by the solar tiles.

Solar Tiles

Solar Tiles

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Photovoltaic Roof Shingles From Dow Solar

Installing solar panels and making use of solar energies for our homes is one of the greenest acts that we can do to help save the environment. However, majority of us if not all that solar panels are very expensive for an average income household to purchase know it. Good thing, the Photovoltaic Roof Shingles from Dow Solar is now launched and is presumably to be available to everyone. With the look like a regular roofing shingle, these later solar panels from Dow Solar is 40% cheaper as compared to the other solar panels can be installed like a roof tiles. In addition, the new solar power from Dow Solar is 10% more efficient and cost 15% less if measured on a per watt basis.

Solar Panels from Dow Solar

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