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Eye Catching Planter Made Of Recycled Tire

I got a bit shocked about this product, not because I find it something new, but because we are doing this since I was a kid. In my early days, my mom has her flowerpots made of recycled tire. Some are the interiors while others are the exteriors. Mom had her pots painted with catchy color combination and decorative designs. The makers of the pot have the tires cut in half, and cut a desired length. They will then attach both ends a wire to form a pot. The Good thing about recycled tire flowerpots is that, the moment the wire get stained and eventually tore, mom will just replace the wire and reattached the tire using a pliers and the pot is ready to go again. Good thing UBeauty Pots and Plants now has this product.

Recycled Tire Pot

Source: Ubeauty Pots and Plants

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