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Pencil Shavings Necklace: Fashionably Trendy While Being Eco-friendly

When shaving our pencils, we normally do it right on top of our garbage bin or we use sharpeners with shaving container and discard the shavings to our bins every once in a while. If all of us in this world are doing this, our landfills will surely be filled with trash like pencil shavings. We can easily minimize the growth of landfills and give our pencil shavings a new life by patronizing eco-friendly products like the Pencil Shavings Necklace, which is obviously a product, made of supposedly discarded pencil shavings. It looks so cute and fashionable. I just hope it will not be itchy on the skin.

Pencil Shavings Necklace

Source: Victoria Mason via Design Milk

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