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Green Living Kitchen By Ludovica And Roberto Palomba

Green kitchen is now starting to become a trend. We all went through to eco-cars, eco-house, eco-gadgets, and now the eco-kitchen called the Green Living kitchen. Ludovica and Roberto Palomba designed this stylish, energy efficient, and green kitchen for Whirlpool and Elmar. Elmar is the one responsible for the kitchen’s innovative, functional, and ergonomic design, while Whirlpool is the one’s responsible for its energy efficient and eco-friendly appliances that has the 6th Sense Technology that saves water, energy and time. Great example of its energy efficient appliance is the refrigerator’s warm coils that is used to heat water for dishwasher use. This one is the perfect answer for today’s call to save nature.

Whirlpool Green Kitchen

Whirlpool Green Kitchen

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