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Used Bras Into Soundproof Insulation: An Eco-friendly Idea

When bras are used, no one wants to have it recycled. A long came Inimissimi who benefited bunch of used bras and used it in their creation that produces a soundproof building insulation. Instead of discarding off their bras to the landfills, women across Italy are encouraged to drop off their bras to Intimissimi’s outlet stores all over Italy. In addition, women are also offered a €3 or $4 rebate on their purchase for a new one. In this way, landfills will already be minimized and carbon footprints and energy used in producing insulating materials will also be lowered drastically, which is obviously of big help in saving the environment and keeping it a safe and better place to live.

Bra Recycling

Bra Recycling

Source: Intimissimi via Ecouterre

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