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It’s All About The (Eco) Bubbles!

The Samsung Eco bubble is one of the biggest innovations since sliced bread. By mixing water, air and detergent, bubbles are generated in the washing machine before your wash starts. The bubbles create foam to cushion your clothes causing the detergent to fully and evenly penetrate right through to the fibres. It’s 40 times faster than concentrated liquid, and ensures the wash gets going as soon as possible for a quicker and more efficient clean.

This washing machine can get the same results as a 40°C wash at just 15°C, helping to save 70% energy in the process. This is because the water doesn’t need to get up to a high temperature, as your detergent starts to work on dirt and stains immediately. So, your clothes are hygienically washed more efficiently, saving you money.

Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

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