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Get A Mobile Edge Canvas Messenger Bag And Be Fashionably Eco-friendly

Messenger bags are not for messengers alone this time, especially if it is as fashionable as the Mobile Edge Canvas Messenger Bag. People from all walks of life can now enjoy the use of a messenger bag. They find it fashionably trendy and comfortable.

Aside from that, this trendy messenger bag from Mobile Edge is made of canvas, thus safe to the environment. Having this messenger bag will let you kiss goodbye those old-fashioned laptop bags, this messenger bag can hold your laptop of up to 16-inches. [Click here to checkout Mobile Edge Canvas Messenger Bag]

Mobile Edge Canvas Messenger Bag

Mobile Edge Canvas Messenger Bag

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Huttly’s Packaging: A Biodegradable And Recyclable Packaging Design

Designing a packaging material with care to the environment can be a challenging job especially if you are not that attached does not really care about the environment. However, if you care enough, there can be endless possibilities and ways in designing eco-friendly packaging materials. United Kingdom student Ben Huttly show off his care to the environment through his design project, a biodegradable and recyclable packaging design that uses natural cotton twine in keeping the product and label together. On the other hand, the label is made of biodegradable paper with seed embedded on it. In this way, consumers can not only enjoy the freshness of the products but also plant one on their backyards.

Huttly Eco-packaging

Huttly Eco-packaging

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Keetsa Green Tea Mattresses

Keetsa is a great company with eco friendly products, one of them is green mattresses, an environmentally friendly mattress. Keetsa claims that this mattress is their softest bed, made of recycled steel, scrap memory foam bits, bamboo fabrics, unbleached natural cotton and odor-controlling silver and green tea.

keetsa green tea mattresses

Source : Keetsa via TrendHunter

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