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Save Energy And Money With Goal Zero LightALife LED Lantern

Save energy and money on your lighting needs when camping or when having outdoor fun at home with family and friends by using Goal Zero LightALife LED Lantern. Because it uses LED, the lantern surely consumes less energy than that of traditional lanterns that uses incandescent or fluorescent lamps. The lantern measures 8 inches high and 8 inches wide giving enough illumination as you enjoy the night. To enjoy an accommodate the illumination you need, just add more lantern in the area.

With the ability to give illumination for 20,000 hours, this lantern will surely let you save on your lighting fixture cost, for you will not be buying light bulb repeatedly on a short period. The lantern uses a movable 3-watt LED light bulb giving you the chance to save money not only on lighting cost but also on your electricity bill.

Goal Zero LightALife LED Lantern

Goal Zero LightALife LED Lantern

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