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King Of Urinal: A Sustainable Urinal Concept

With the various eco-friendly concept designs, I believe that people from all around the globe have done their part in combating global warming. Among various eco-friendly concept designs that has been introduce to the people these days, the King of Urinal is one of the few examples. This Urinal concept has its sink placed on top, thus will allow users to wash their hands right after peeing promoting good hygiene and the water used in washing the hands is the ones to rinse the urinal, thus promotes recycling of water. This concept with environment care in mind will surely help us save the earth.

Sustainable Urinal

Sustainable Urinal

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WER: An Eco-Packaging For Men’s Hygiene

Eco packaging focuses on using cardboard or limiting its materials use. Student designer Alexandre Michaud does it in a different way. He had developed the WER, an eco friendly packaging for men’s hygiene. One packaging has the ability to hold two products particularly the men’s gel in one side and the moisturizer for men on the other side. In this way, manufacturers don’t need to make different packaging material for each product. The WER packaging is just another innovative eco-packaging that will make every consumers realize that eco-packaging doesn’t need to be made of cardboard or recycled materials but also based on a different aspect like packing two product at a time.



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