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Eco-lantern: An Illumination And Eco-system In One

With the strong desire to help save the environment, people are coming up with strange ideas from recycling items you never thought possible to designing things in weird forms just to cater a double purpose to save manufacturing cost and materials. Today the eco-lantern is another addition to these creations. As its name suggests, the eco-lantern is a lighting tool that provides illumination in your home or pathways. You can even carry them wherever you may go. The lantern’s body can be filled with charcoal, pebble, soil then the plant. At daytime, you will let the plant exposed to sunlight and at nighttime, the lantern’s bulb will serve as sunlight. When the plant grows, you transfer it to your backyard or garden and redo the process from step one.

Eco Lantern

Eco Lantern

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