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Farmhouse Compost Crock Keeps Kitchen Scraps Without Odors or Fruits Flies

Are you composting your kitchen waste? Here’s a perfect compost crock for you, Farmhouse Compost Crock. This earthenware crock keeps your kitchen scraps for composting, it features vintage farmhouse style that would complement your kitchen décor. This cute crock is nestled in a chicken wire basket, it would look cool standing on your countertop. It has a carbon filter in the lid to prevent odors, some customers even mention that it doesn’t seem to attract fruit flies. It sounds pretty good, heh?

Collect those fruit peels and vegetables scraps inside this crock until it’s time to bring them out to the compost bin. It can hold around 3-1/2 quarts of food scraps. The size and capacity is just right, that wire caddy makes it easy to handle when full. [CLICK HERE to read more details about Farmhouse Compost Crock]

Farmhouse Compost Crock Helps You Compost Your Kitchen Scraps

Farmhouse Compost Crock Helps You Compost Your Kitchen Scraps

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