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The Strata: A Skyscraper With Built-in Wind Turbines

Green architecture continues to get innovative and the Strata as the first skyscraper to have a built-in wind turbine is just one of the proofs that architects are dedicated enough in helping save the environment. The Strata is a latest addition to the London’s skyline and strikes many eyes with its three built-in wind turbine that produces 8% of the structure’s energy needs. All of the three wind turbines are incorporated on the Strata’s façade and is made possible via a tricky engineering by the Brookfield Europe. The 148-meters long tower has 42 stories and is designed to make use f the Venturi effect produces by nearby structures in order to force wind through the turbines. The wind turbines are expected to produce 50MWh of electricity per year.

The Strata

The Strata

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