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Solar Powered Fan By Stuart James Sharples

Solar powered gadgets are available everywhere. Joining with other designers who also wanted to help save the environment is Stuart James Sharples who created the Solar Fan, a solar powered personal fan. It has an adjustable solar panel that is responsible in collecting the energy from the sun to power up your personal fan. This cute fan is perfect for personal use for your car, home office. It also has four suction cups that will stick and keep your unit in-place to your glass window and the head can also be easily titled to your desired position. Being a solar powered gadget, it will not cost you any electricity to power the fan up.

Solar Fan

Solar Fan

Source: Stuart James Sharples

Extend Your Mac Laptop’s Battery Life Up to 6 to 10 Hours with Apple Juicz

It is amazing to hear that a product that will allow to charge up your laptop even when in use. And not just that, because the battery life of your laptop will be extended up to 6-10 hours. The product that made all these wonderful things possible is the apple juicz. Perfect for your Macbook, nacbook pro, and macbook air, the juicz has the capacity to give a total of 12 to 16 battery life. If your stock macbook air recharges for four hours with the use of an AC wall adapter, the juicz will only do it for three hours. The juicz has solar panels that will collect energy from the sun.

apple juicz solar power for mac laptop

[ProductPage] via AlternativeConsumer

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