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Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller (TJ601E) Saves Your Cash on Gasoline

If you are one of Sun Joe Tiller fans, now you can opt-in for the electric version, Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller (TJ601E). This means you can save money on gasoline, with its 9-amp motor and 6-steel blades, this electric machine works as powerful as the gasoline version, it cuts through even the roughest terrain. The design features folding handles to make it easy to store and wheels for easy portability. Tilling depth is 7-inch and the 18-inch cultivating width can be said pretty wide compared to other electric tillers in its class, trust us, width does matter, because you’ll be able to finish your job in less time. [Click here to get more details about Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller]

Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller (TJ601E)

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