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Hoch Die Teller: The Modern Vases Made Of Recycled Saucers

Porcelain dinnerwares are elegant but could easily lose it elegance once broken or when unwanted cracks started to show but definitely not the case for Hoch Die Teller. The moment these cracks appear, many of the porcelain dinnerware owners or users opt to just toss if off to their waste bin. Obviously, porcelain does not decompose naturally, thus won’t do good to the environment but can do harm instead.

Hoch Die Teller Recycled Porcelain Saucer Vase

Designed by Hrafnkell Birgisson, the Hoch Die Teller is a modern and stylish vase made from recycled porcelain saucers. With the wide design varieties of saucers, you surely will love the unique design of each vase you have at home, as none of them will come similar to each other.

Hoch Die Teller Recycled Porcelain Saucer Vase

Source: Birkiland

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