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Pinzon Contemporary Arm Dining Chair

Contemporary and green design is great if they are collaborated in one unique and useful product. The Pinzon Contemporary Arm Dining Chair is a one perfect example the said product that I am talking about. Made of naturally grown abaca, there is no wonder that this modern dining chair is environmentally friendly. In addition, it has a strong and elegant legs made of government-certified, plantation-grown hardwood. Moreover, it has a cotton cushion placed in a frame of plywood with a particleboard platform that is totally removable for reupholstering in the future if desired thus, aside from the eco-friendly materials, it also has an elegant design that gives life to your interior design. [Click here for more details about Pinzon Dining Chair]

Pinzon Dining Chair

Osmos – Promotes Eco-Friendly Dining in Your Home

I never that the heat and steam that we let flew away are recyclable. Yes you read it right! The Osmos designed by Jonathan Banton from UK has the ability to absorb and retain the heat and steam that are wasted during cooking and recycled it into greenery of your choice. You can have your favorite herbs, garnish or grass. After cooking your favorite dish, the Osmos can be place on your dining table to provide fresh and healthy environment while eating. With all the eco friendly products that are coming out today, there is no doubt that in a few years from now, eco friendly living will already be a culture to every country.



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