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The Pallet Couch Will Give Used Pallets A New Life

Used pallets by cargo forwarders are discarded and thrown to landfills, which is not a good practice for the sake of the environment, but Pallet Couch by Piero Ceratti will surely make this practice stop. With the aim to save on furniture cost, the designer thought of creating his own couch for his balcony and ended up recycling a cargo pallet. He is aware of the crisis and has come up with a cheaper idea for furniture pieces. He shared his wonderful design to iGreenSpot and we are eager to share this affordable and eco-friendly creation to our readers too.

Pallet Couch
Pallet Couch
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Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet Cutting Board Is A Safe Cutting Board For Us And To The Environment

Bamboo is a known sustainable source of materials making it an eco-friendly material to use and the Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet Cutting Board has bamboo as its main material. This made the board a favorable product for environmentalist and to those who are into doing something good for the environment even in their own little way such as using products that are using sustainable materials.

The cutting board has the eye-catching parquet design that makes this board god enough to be set aside in your countertops along with your modern kitchen accessories or appliances. This can also be elegant enough to be on your table during special occasions if you need some useful, sturdy, and clean cutting board. [Click here for more info about the Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet Cutting Board]

Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet Cutting Board

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