Squash Wash: The Eco-friendly Washing Machine

Washing machines are one of the huge energy consumers in every household. Today we can now wash our clothes with a small amount of water and no electricity at all with the Squash Wash. The squash wash is a great alternative to our current washing machines at home especially if we wanted to live the green life. Designed by Kristin Mueller, Squash Wash uses the compression and salad spinner technology and is compact enough to fit in any corners of our homes. We can have it placed in our laundry area or bathroom if we want. With Squash Wash, we don’t need to worry about out electricity or water use even if we do the laundry daily.

Squash Wash

Squash Wash

Squash Wash

Source: Kristin Mueller via Homeqn


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  • where i buy that Squash Wash lets you wash clothes without consuming electricity??

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