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Loll Swing Is A Stylish And Eco-friendly Swing

Stylish swings like the Loll Swing are not all made of first hand materials. The Loll Swing will prove that because it is made of recycled materials. If you are into some outdoor fun with your kids, friends, and the like and have a good swing back and forth, the you should give the Loll Swing a try. Claimed to be an eco-friendly one, this swing has its seat made of recycled plastic and its rope made of recycled PET. Now, isn’t that sustainable enough to have this swing?

Loll Swing

In addition, the swing looks cool enough to be installed both indoors and outdoors. Its minimalistic look will make the Loll Swing a great addition to your landscape or interior design.

Source: BLTD via HomeDosh

Recycle Your Wine Bottles into Elegant Glass Vases

Wine is good for the heart and recycling wine bottles is definitely good for the nature. After enjoying our favorite taste of wine, we normally discard our bottles and generally add it up to mountains of landfills we have currently. With the beautiful glass vases called the Revive, wine bottles are turned into an attractive glass vases instead of putting into trashes. Empty wine bottles undergo die cut and sandblasting process to give it a different look of wonderful design. In this way, we only not save the earth for preventing the piling up of landfills; we also did a job in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced in manufacturing wine bottles.

Recycle Your Wine Bottles into Elegant Glass Vases

Recycle Your Wine Bottles into Elegant Glass Vases

Recycle Your Wine Bottles into Elegant Glass Vases

Recycle Your Wine Bottles into Elegant Glass Vases

Recycle Your Wine Bottles into Elegant Glass Vases

Source: Li-Rong Liao

Be Greener this Holiday with Sustainable Wood Snowflake Ornaments

Decorate your house with green ornaments this holiday season. Sustainable Wood Snowflake Ornaments is a set of 15 snowflake pieces that will make unique decoration, each piece is laser cut for precise angles, the material comes from sustainable woods grown on family farm. So, instead of buying mass produced plastic ornaments, why not try to be greener this holiday. Each ornament measures 1.5-inch in diameter, you can buy as many as you like to decorate the whole room or you can buy it for friends and family. This set comes packaged ready for gifting in a nice engraved box made from post-consumer recycled materials. [Click Here to get order information of these Wood Snowflake Ornaments]

Sustainable Wood Snowflake Ornaments

From : Bambeco [Buy It Here]

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