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Multi-Box Set: A Safe Furniture For Your Kids And The Environment

When choosing for our kids’ furniture, safety is always the main concern. As much as possible we as parents want our kids to have safe toys, furniture sets, and more. The Multi –box set from Green Lullaby is a safe furniture set not only for your kids but to the environment as well. The boxes are made of 60% recycled materials and is completely recyclable. Additives used in this eco-friendly furniture are water-based and non-toxic. Now, isn’t it safe enough let our kids being exposed in this wonderful environment? Other than that, it will also promote your kids’ awareness about green living, eco-friendly items and the call to combat global warming even at their early young age.

Eco Multi-box

Eco Multi-box

Eco Multi-box

Eco Multi-box

Source: Abes Market

Kindling Wood Rolls: Light Your Fire With Care To The Environment

Burning your fireplaces, grill or stove may require something that can harm to the environment. The Kindling Wood Rolls will eliminate this harm threat. The Kindling Wood Rolls are compressed kindling wood rolls made from renewable forestry areas. Each of the rolls is soaked in natural resin and paraffin. Now, would there be any safer way to light your fireplaces, grill or stove? In addition, the kindling Wood Rolls looks stylish enough to be piled up next to your fireplaces or grill or stove. It surely will create a cute, unique and decorative look to your kitchen or living room.

Kindling Wood Rolls

Source: Manufactum

Energy Seed, Super Efficient LED Lamp with Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are commonly known of being hazardous. It is not advisable to throw it anywhere and must be kept away from children. With this idea, designer Sungwoo Park and Sunhee Kim have created the Energy Seed. A super efficient LED lamp will light up your dark ways at night. This LED lamp will make the most out of your thrown alkaline battery, which is a good idea of saving energy and keeping the environment safe. However, it is still important to find a permanent disposal area of your hazardous corpse of alkaline battery, though letting the LED lamp drain out your alkaline battery is really a good way of saving energy.

energy seed

energy seed

via HardwareSphere via YankoDesign

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