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Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman: An Eco-friendly And Sturdy Furniture

If you are into furniture pieces with natural finish and has less impact to the environment, owning a Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman is ideal. This simple yet clean ottoman is made of white cedar that is insect and weather resistant. What that reason, we at iGreenSpot assume that this ottoman will be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it can probably withstand any weather conditions. The ottoman will not only give you a comfortable and functional, stylish ottoman but also it can help you save the environment, as the materials used in making this ottoman are from a renewable resource and byproduct of the long home industry.

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman

Each product is made in the USA, so you can proudly tell that it is made with high quality, thus will serve you better at a longer time. The ottoman is easy to assemble, thus you don’t need to worry if you are not good with carpentry jobs. On the other hand, if you have other furniture pieces that you want to match with your Lakeland ottoman, no worries because you can also stain Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman in a color finish of your choice because it will come to your doorsteps in natural finish. We suggest that you will go through different reviews given by happy buyers so you will have the ideas how great this ottoman is and where you can successfully use it. [Click Here to get more information about Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman]

Make Your Own Biodiesel At Home And Live The Green Life

Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy and only a few knows about it still. Designer Ben Guthrie had made a step to introduce Biodiesel to people who want to help save the environment without compromising the comfort that they currently enjoy with life. They can still continue to drive their cars at a lesser cost and carbon emission and help keep the environment safe and clean. However, the Biodiesel machine available in the market today is expensive and the DIY on the other hand is messy. Unlike what designer Ben Guthrie has presented, it will allow green minded people to make their own biodiesel and live the eco-friendly life, without overspending and less mess.




Via: Yanko Design

SABDES Eco Friendly Super Yacht

A luxury yacht from SABDES with green technology to create greener earth. Scott Blee, the designer, has already planned ahead for future system upgrades as technologies advance, eliminating major redesign and structural changes. Being aware of global warming, SABDES superyacht is designed carefully in the early stages in order to minimize power consumption and emissions. Each yachts systems are carefully considered in the early stages of design in order to minimize power consumption and emissions. Hull designs are optimized for minimal surface and hull wake, reducing their impact on sensitive marine life, and shoreline erosion. Aside from this yacht eco-sensitive slant, SABDES yachts are ultimately designed to be stylish.

sabdes super yacht

sabdes eco friendly super yacht

sabdes luxury super yacht

sabdes super yacht green technology

Source : SABDES via Tuvie

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