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LED Trask Light From MIO

LED buildings are popping out anywhere and all of them are aiming to be one of the most eco-friendly architecture. However, MIO, a Philadelphia based design team uses LED not for their eco-building but for their eco-friendly LED lighting fixture. Their product called the Trask light uses LED that is why they are considered as eco-friendly. However, the exciting twist is that, the Trask light is also transformable into different forms. You can have it as your desk lamp or a stylish suspension light by linking each other. This creative eco-lighting fixture can switch from being track or task, where the product name Trask came from.

Trask LED Light

Trask LED Light

Trask LED Light

Source: Inhabitat

Aperture Showerhead Concept for Water Conservation

The Aperture showerhead promotes responsible water use. It displays the volume of water consumed while showering and allows the user to mitigate water consumption with a built-in flow regulator. Do you know most American uses 25-45 gallons of water in one shower ? And they do bathes more frequently than people in most other countries in the world. At a time when many large cities are facing crippling droughts, people need tools that will help them curb water use to more sustainable levels. These features help users make their showers shorter and more efficient.

aperture water conservation

Aperture works by measuring the water consumption with the help of hydroelectric generator as power, it will reset the meter once you shut down the water, and at the end of this product’s life, the simple two parts snap-fit construction makes disassembly easy for individual components to be recycled.

aperture save water

aperture concept water conservation

aperture water conservation

Designer : Elliott Montgomery

Cute and Attractive Solid Wood Infant Chair by Roebuck Studio

Having cute and eco friendly furniture for you child is great, and it would be even better if they have artistic, attractive and fashionable design. Studio Roebuck succeed in providing us this type of sustainable furniture for our babies. Aside from the creative designs, the studio also managed to use a combination of colors that are truly attractive and eye catching. Artistic people will surely loves these chairs by Studio Roebuck. When it comes to the production process, the studio opted for the Baltic birch, solid wood, light and stable, because it only need a small amount of glue necessary in the panels, which has less environmental impact compared to the traditional wood engineering.

roebuck studio infant chair

roebuck studio infant chair

Source : Roebuck Studio via MarcelGreen

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