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Trilogy Solar Garden Art: Gives Light To Your Night

Artworks are meant to attract every art lover’s eyes, but the trilogy solar powered garden art makes a difference. It will not only provide you with artistic and eye catching art design, but will help save the environment as well. The trilogy is an amazing multi-colored glass hand-blown together and creates a beautiful rainbow-like effect making your garden colorfully artistic day and night. It also has solar collector placed at the lower half of the take, which will then collects sun power and lit the trilogy at night. This wonderful piece of art is a mere example that being eco-friendly needs not to compromise happiness.

Trilogy Solar Powered Garden Art

Trilogy Solar Powered Garden Art

Source: Alternative Consumer

Eco-Friendly Golf for Your Dad

The Eco Endurance Tee – is an environment friendly product from Eco Golf and is currently in the market for hundreds of golf courses worldwide. The Endurance Tee will let a wood tee survived by at least a ratio of 10 to 1. Because of the long lasting characteristic of the Endurance tee, tee box litter has been eliminated virtually.

The Eco endurance tee is manufactured with degradable materials that made the tee breakdown overtime. The tee’s current available sizes are 2 ¼, 2 ¾, 3 and 3 ¼, and colors available are natural, white and tan. The 3” version of the tee is not available for retail.

eco golf

Source : EcoGolf

An Eco-friendly Truck that is Powered by a Trash Generated Electricity

We all know that mountains of landfills have the ability to produce electricity. In British town Huddersfield, people have used the ability of their landfills to produce electricity by powering up trucks. Because of this, the town boasts off their trash collecting trucks that are powered by none other than by their trash itself. A 3.5 ton modified transit Smith Edison truck is incorporated with a 40 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack now gives the truck the ability to run a decent speed of 50mph and has a range of 100 miles after a single eight hour charge time.

Eco Trucks

Eco Trucks

Eco Trucks

Source: Ecofriend and Register Hardware

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