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SoloPower: A Rollable Solar Panels

We all know that one way of saving from your energy usage and help save the environment is by the use of solar panels. We have seen different solar panel models and they came in different sizes. Today, another unique solar panels are coming our way to help us save the environment and lower down our energy usage in a more comfortable way with the creation of the SoloPower. The SoloPower is unlike the traditional bulky solar panels that we see. Indeed, it has rollable solar panels, thus all you have to do is to rolled them out on your roof or garden to use.



Via: Hometone

Niu Shu: A Sustainable Skyscraper by Francis Wilmore, Courtney Brinegar amd Jennifer Cramer

Created to fit Hongkong’s current and future growth, the Niu Shu is another eco-friendly skyscraper design that got a special mention during the 2009 skyscraper competition. The building has a twisting form in order to allow and block light to the different crops and products that are being produced in the area. Residents of the tower will have a chance to either passively educated by their surroundings or actively engaged in the farming and food processing activity to subsidize their cost of living my selling their product in market carrying the Niu Shu branding. The building designers of the Niu Shu are hoping to encourage a more culturally, formally and environmentally alive urban fabric.

Niu Shu Skyscraper

Niu Shu Skyscraper

Source: Evolo

Reclaimed Wood Bench By Gursan Ergil

Not everybody knows that old woods are great materials for furniture. They have molded into a sturdy and strong one by time. However, many of the designers do not welcome the use of used or old woods in creating their masterpieces, but not Gursan Ergil. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Gursan had created a wonderful collection of furniture that are all made from reclaimed woods, and one of his collection is the beautifully designed bench. Sleek and eco-friendly, this chair will definitely minimize the number of used woods to different landfills and at the same time, it does help the people realize that used woods can be beautiful as new if a great artisanship is applied.

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Source: Gursan Ergil via Contemporist

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