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Handmade Wool Soft Block: Keeping Your Babies Living The Eco-life At An Early Stage

Eco-friendly living is getting easier and easier as time passes by. Eco-friendly products are now widely available almost everywhere. You can see eco-friendly furniture set, clothing, and more. Today, even kids at a very young age can already enjoy eco-friendly living with the numerous eco-friendly toys designed and produced just like the Handmade Wool Soft Block from The Playful World. Made from natural mountain raw sheep wool, the Soft Blocks also has the gentle sounding bell that is tucked inside, which will let your child’s curios minds ponder. In addition, each soft block contains six blocks in attention grabber colors that will surely catch your child’s attention.

Soft Block

Soft Block

Soft Block

Source: Playful World via Inhabitots

Parachute Tote: An Eco-friendly Stylish Tote Bag

Do you want to e fashionably hip and trendy while helping in saving the environment, then you definitely would love to patronize the Parachute Tote. Made from a re-purpose parachutes issued to the World War II military, the Parachute Tote is lightweight and is collapsible into a small item where users like you can easily have it inserted in a pocket. The bag has two large compartments for your books and is secured by Velcro strips for closure. It also has one small inner pocket for your small items like keys and the like. Since it is collapsible, you can easily have it anywhere anytime and put your purchased items, thus allowing you to not use those plastic shopping bags that are obviously a threat to the environment.

Parachute Tote

Parachute Tote

SourceL Parachute Tote

It’s All About The (Eco) Bubbles!

The Samsung Eco bubble is one of the biggest innovations since sliced bread. By mixing water, air and detergent, bubbles are generated in the washing machine before your wash starts. The bubbles create foam to cushion your clothes causing the detergent to fully and evenly penetrate right through to the fibres. It’s 40 times faster than concentrated liquid, and ensures the wash gets going as soon as possible for a quicker and more efficient clean.

This washing machine can get the same results as a 40°C wash at just 15°C, helping to save 70% energy in the process. This is because the water doesn’t need to get up to a high temperature, as your detergent starts to work on dirt and stains immediately. So, your clothes are hygienically washed more efficiently, saving you money.

Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

Samsung Eco Bubble also makes sure not a drop of water is wasted to save you even more money on your water bills. The Eco Bubble weighs the amount of clothes you’re washing, then figures out the best amount of water to use and how long the cycle should run for. It makes sure your clothes get the best wash performance without wasting time, electricity and water.

It’s not only faster and more efficient, but also a whole lot quieter than standard washing machines. If you’re used to your washing machine attempting to make its way across your kitchen while making a huge racket, you’ll think the Samsung Eco Bubble a godsend! It works because this washing machine doesn’t use a belt or gears, completely taking away any vibration and noise.

It also has some nifty extras to make washing your laundry that little bit easier. The amount of time which is left of the wash is displayed, so you can get on with other things instead of constantly checking to see if the cycle has finished. You can also use the 19 hour delay to take advantage of off peak times making it even more affordable to run.

It’s a no brainer; Eco Bubble all the way!

This post was written for IGreenSpot by Cerys John from Appliances Online, the UK’s largest online kitchen appliance retailer.

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