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The Passing Cloud Is An Innovative Floating Device

Traveling without the need of electricity or gas can soon be possible if the Passing Cloud will come into fruition. The passing cloud is a floating device that will travel with the help of the wind.

Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud

It is made of spherical balloons that mimic the looks of a cloud. Inside the balloons are stainless steel structure covered with tensile nylon fabric. The Passing Cloud moves with the wind, giving its passengers the feelings of being on the clouds floating freely for how long, nobody knows. The passing cloud is a project submitted for the “Life at the Speed of Rail” competition.

Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud

Source: Tiago Barros

The Shape of Wood Monacca Creation by Takumi Shimamura

Monacca is the trial in which a modern person looks back upon the past and reproduces a present-day product by using materials from that era. Monacca’s product is based on the shape of wood. They plan to inherit this tree culture through a new form and new process with an eye toward the future.

takumi shimakura kaku briefcase light color

Kaku briefcase

wooden lamp and purse

Lamp and purse

wooden calculator by takumi shimakura


eco friendly fujitsu laptop concept

Environmentally Friendly Fujitsu Laptop Concept

takumi shimakura wooden backpack and zabuton

Backpack and zabuton

takumi shimakura kaku briefcase dark color

Kaku briefcase in black

Designer : Monacca via Core77

The Contemporary and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Concept

Having an eco-friendly life had been the focus of many designers nowadays when designing their new product. Just like what Ms Kate Jaclin did. Though she is still a student from the Queensland University of Technology, and is not yet a professional designer, she had designed a sustainable kitchen. The kitchen’s design is very elegant and what has made it even better is that everything in this kitchen is sustainable. Everything in it is recycled, and it uses solar energy. Water is recycled and can be used again, and it has a vegetable garden attached. It can also be refurbished easily because it uses recycled bio-plastic materials.

sustainable kitchen dyson student award

sustainable kitchen dyson student award

sustainable kitchen dyson student award

sustainable kitchen dyson student award

via Tuvie

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