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Horizon : Bio-Energy Kit

Ninety percent water and ten ethanol or alcohol is the fuel source for the Horizon. The solution is just like of vodka, wherein the Horizon fuel cell kit directly converts ethanol to electricity free from noise and combustion. This device has the ability to run for day’s non-stop. In the next years to come, this device may have the chance to replace the traditional way of charging or electronic devices like our cell phone, iPods, mp3 players, and more. With its price of $99.00, I guess it’s already worth it since it will let us save from electricity in the long run.

charge ipod with alcohol

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Store Your Rainwater Through The Rainwater Hog

Saving water is good way of saving the environment, and one of the ways in saving water to keep our used water from washing our dishes or doing the laundry kept and used in watering the plants. Aside from the abovementioned saving water methods, catching and storing your rainwater is another effective way of saving water. One can successfully save the rainwater from their roof by using the water hog tanks and reuse stored water to water your plants. You can even use the rainwater in cleaning your house, flushing your toilets, washing the laundry or taking a bath. Food grade hogs are also available for use of storing your rainwater for emergency potable water. It is safe to drink the rainwater as long as your roof is free from toxic materials.

Rainwater Hog

Rainwater Hog

Source: Rainwater Hog

Stay Healthy And Keep The Environment Safe With The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Doing Yoga is one of the best things to do to keep ourselves healthy and of course, with the help of the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat, you can also keep the environment healthy.

This stylish yoga mat features a thickness of 3/16-inches. It is made of natural rubber and has open-cell, thus safe to the users and to the environment. In addition, this yoga mat uses no PVC items or any other substances that can harm the ozone layer and the environment. Other than being environment friendly, this mat is also easy to maintain. All you need is a soap and water and you are good to go in keeping your yoga mat safe and clean. It features a measurement of 68 and 74-inches in length, thus can accommodate people with this height. [Click here to checkout Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat]

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Doing yoga with the Jade harmony yoga mat can never be as comfortable as you can think, because this yoga mat is extremely resilient and it provides unbeatable cushioning. Therefore, all you are going to feel is comfort while doing the Yoga.

If you are worried about being out of place, this yoga mat will keep you free from those kinds of troubles. The Jade Harmony yoga mat is slip-resistance even when it is full of sweat.

Other than its stunning performance, this yoga mat is also available in different colors including black, midnight blue, purple, olive green, orchid, Sedona red, slate blue, and Tibetan orange. Start keeping yourself healthy now and keep the environment safe by doing yoga in partnership of the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat. [Click here to checkout Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat]

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