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The Eco-Friendly Luxury Catamaran Concept

Introduced in Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design is an eco-friedly luxury Catamaran Concept. Despite of the economic crisis that we are experiencing now, the Dusseldorf Boat Show still got a lot of success. This is because it features eco-friendly items and more and more people are getting aware of saving the environment. This eco-friendly luxury catamaran has various eco-friendly features that include the solar panels that are fully incorporated to the structure. When it comes to wind power, it also has two vertical retractable 1100 watts silent wind turbines. In addition to the wind and solar power, hydropower is also present to this luxury catamaran in the form of two hydroelectric generators that provides power while sailing.

Eco-friendly Catamaran Concept

Eco-friendly Catamaran Concept

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