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Eco-Clock from Starling Ink

Give life to your old vehicle’s part instead of discarding it to landfills by recycling it into a useful clock. Starling Ink has just began the job and did a great job in it. The wonderful timepieces made are from the recycled hubcap, valve cover, and more. These products cannot only save the environment from possible harm but also it will definitely create a unique sporty atmosphere in your homes. Cleaned and polished to make it like new, the recycled car parts clock runs on a single AA battery. This can be a perfect gift items to friends and family who loves automobiles and want a green lifestyle.

Recycled Car Parts Clock

Recycled Car Parts Clock

Recycled Car Parts Clock

Source: Starling Ink via Great Green Goods

Maintain A Healthy Skin Even During Winter With An Eco-friendly Winter Moisturizers

Having a healthy soft skin seems impossible to achieve during winter. This is the time people tend to use moisturizers to keep their skin soft and healthy. With the vast call of saving the environment, even beauty products are now eco-friendly as well, which is favorable to many of our brothers and sisters that wants to save the environment without compromising the beauty regimens they currently have. If you are in search of natural and eco-friendly body care products, you are on the right track with Kiss My Face. They have various natural moisturizers for you to use like the olive and aloe ultra moisturizer, Chinese botanical ultra moisturizer and a lot more.

Kiss Me Natural Moisturizer

Kiss Me Natural Moisturizer

Source: Kiss Me via 1800 Recycling

The POLO Lounger By Paul Wilding

We have here a great submission from another talented designer. A stylish and eco-friendly lounger called the POLO Lounger by Paul Wilding is a new way of spending your outdoor pleasure the green way.

“Polo is made from one-piece aluminum, and then folded in the fashion of a Japanese Origami. Polo is available in a choice of colourways: silver, white, dark bronze or black. Outdoor upholstery is either light grey or black.
Polo is designed for a 50 year life time, and after that it can be recycled.”

Manufactured by a New Zealand-based company Volex Style, the POLO Lounger is definitely a must furniture especially this summer where people are on their poolside and beaches to do sun bathing.

POLO Lounger

POLO Lounger

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