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A Chair Made of Wooden Shipping Pallets

As we all know wooden shipping pallets are usually been thrown away after each use or when it started to rip off. Good thing Studio Mama had thought of some ways in recycling these used wooden shipping pallets into a useful chair. The chair’s design may look less attractive, however, knowing that it is made of used shipping pallets, you will start to love it. I guess the designed is perfect for those who loves to just simply relax and unwind while having their favorite drink or paper to read. But for other purposes aside from the what I have mentioned, I find it less preferable.

pallet chair by studio mama

Source : StudioMama via ApartmentTherapy

Collina Strada Bike Bag: Handmade Items Are Always Eco-friendly

Handmade items are definitely considered as eco-friendly products. These items are completed producing zero carbon emission, thus preserving the environments clean and safe air. The Collina Strada Bike Bag is a handmade bag that is trendy and fashionable enough to complete your eco-friendly mode of transportation, biking. This handmade bag can be attached to your bike handle and continue to drive you bike comfortably and safely to and from your office. When you are already at your destination, detach the bag from the bike and put it on as your normal fashionable shoulder bag. The bag is available for purchase at Free People and soon in NYC at the AdelineAdeline bike shop. -via

Collina Bike Bag

Collina Bike Bag

Collina Bike Bag

Collina Bike Bag

Source: Collina Strada

The Eco-House by University of Cambridge Architects

More and more people are now concern in saving Mother Nature. Various design concepts are now being developed to enhance zero carbon emission in every place. Green structure are getting common each day and Universities are starting to let their students become aware of the current environmental situation and the methods of preventing it in the form of creating environment friendly products. The University of Cambridge Architects are did a Zero Carbon building that has a design like of a dome based on the medieval period. This eco house is built using environment friendly materials like a locally sourced timber and recycled newspaper for insulation.

The Eco-House by University of Cambridge Architects

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