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Solaris Solar Table by Iulius Lucaci

Green Innovations are growing fast these days. Various innovations, designs and inventions are created almost everyday. Joining with the green innovator, inventors and designers is Iulius Lucaci of the United States that created the Solaris Solar Table. With the use of the solaris, the collected energy is stored in the table is now used to power up laptops, MP3 players, and other electronic devices during the time that they are far from electrical outlet. In this way, people don’t need to worry if they will run out of batteries because they can easily recharge it with the solaris. The table has 144 solar cells that produces approximately 400mA at 0.53Volts and has a power output per cell of .0216 Watts.




Source: Iulius Lucaci

Melted Polyester Fleece Chairs By Tom Price

Plastic materials as part of our wastes are harmful to the environment. Designer Tom Price has created a product for “From Now to Eternity” that concentrates on the use of plastic as a versatile material. As a result, he had created the Polyester Fleece Chairs. The chairs are form strategically melting piles of polyester fleece. This process will definitely reduce plastic waste and minimize harmful materials to our landfills. I just find the chairs a little bit cumbersome, but it will surely be a perfect chair to cold places with minimal dust. I do not see it a chair of desire to those who are living in tropical areas like Asian countries.

Polyester Fleece Chair

Polyester Fleece Chair

Source: Tom Price via Inhabitat

The Solar Powered Insect Zappers

Insects are truly destructing and irritating that is why various insect killers are made. However, the solar powered insect zappers will not only eliminate the irritating insects, but will also help save the environment. This eco-friendly zapper consist a set of four solar insect lights that will stake anywhere in your yard, collects the sun’s energy and effectively various flying insects in your area. The solar powered zapper’s UV bulbs will automatically turn on when the sun sets at immediately starts to lure for mosquitoes, flies and more and eliminated them with its 300-volt electric charge. This insect zapper is safe for use because it provides a chemical-free bug protection for as long as eight hours. Protect your family from flying insects and save the environment with the solar powered insect zappers that uses no electric energy and no harmful chemicals.

Solar Powered Insect Zapper

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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