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Boc’n’Roll Reusable Sandwich Wrapper

Recycling and or reusing can be the best thing to do to help prevent the continuous growth of the mountains of landfills we currently have and eventually help save the environment for possible harm that trashes can bring. With sandwich wrapper, we normally trash them off after using. However, designers of Marca Diferencia in Barcelona, Spain had created a reusable sandwich wrapper called the Boc’n’Roll. The Boc’n’Roll is a reusable perfect for your snacks and lunch to work or school without the need of discarding and leaving any trash after using. Thus, it reduces the volume of landfills created each day.

Boc 'N Roll

Source: Marcadiferencia

Plop, Eco-Friendly Collapsible Shelf

Plop is a collapsible shelf designed for students with unorganized things and on a tight budget. This cheap shelving system is made from eco-friendly corrugated board. The shelfʼs weight of 1.8 kilograms is light enough for the students to carry the shelf home with them. Its collapsible feature made it easy during transportation too. Once purchased, all they have to do at home is to remove the packaging and plop it open, affix its backing supports and the shelf is now ready for use. The best part about Plop is that it can carry the weight of a dozen number of books and the basic four section can be expanded into 6, 8, 10 etc. sections, pretty handy don’t you think?

plop eco friendly storage

plop eco friendly storage

via YankoDesign

JACKCARD Is Your All In One Identification Card

With today’s busy lifestyle we have, a fast and almost instant process is all we want and that seems like easy to achieve with JACKCARD. JACKCARD will soon replace ATM cards, credit cards, government IDs, health cards, and more. People will soon use this modern day card, as it will help simplify the steps in processing things like hospital bills, school records, bank, corporate, and government transactions.

Other than the excellent function, the card is also easy and fashionable for daily use. One can wear it along with an ID necklace or sling or have it on one’s wrist upon entering various premises and events like school, tradeshows, office and the likes.

With the function it can give, JACKCARD can be considered as someone’s extension of his or her life. The card allows you to enjoy as many banks as you like without worrying your bank details. This definitely gives you the ultimate identity that you need as well as the convenience and accessibility to all your personal accounts.


Because JACKCARD can be your all in one identity card, it can surely help save the environment. The massive use of plastic, paper and precious time will definitely be minimized for one will produce just one card for all of his or her identification need. As long as the individual take proper care of his or her JACKCARD, he can use only one card for the rest of his or her life and that is a huge saving for card cost, plastic and paper.


The JACKCARD stores identity using through a Sensing Technology that recognizes and store data. Other features of the card include fingerprint and eye verification. It can also record any sound an individual produces including communications made. JACKCARD also has the impressive real-time map that helps locate your family members and alert you when any of them is in trouble. The card’s map will also help you locate nearby hospital, police station, ATM machines and more. If you aim to help save the environment and save time on document processing, using JACKCARD is ideal.


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Source: Behance

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