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Eco Fashion Accessories By Kitten Lab

Another wonderful and great green product from Kitten Lab is now available for purchase to those who wanted to accessorize themselves in a green way. The eco fashion accessories by Kitten Lab are made by the artistic hands and from a vintage IBM Selectric typewriter balls. The balls are made of plastic that is why it is light enough to be on your ears. With this creation, there will no need for us to spend too much to be fashionably trendy, and it will dramatically reduce landfills, which is great in reducing the harm that we have for the environment.

Recycled Typwriter Ball Earrings

Recycled Typwriter Ball Earrings

Source: Kitten Lab via Great Green Goods

Linc : The Sustainable Phone Concept

As we all know, gadgets like mobile phone, iphone, and more are being purchased to own one. However, LINC has changed this type of practice and created a sustainable phone concept, wherein, one can be lease a phone, return and lease it again, without sacrificing its style and functionality. LINC is truly a unique concept because of its recyclability. However, the concept itself, makes me think twice if I were to lease one. A phone is a personal asset which should not be given away after a year of usage. Nevertheless, it is helpful enough for the environment as it recycles hazardous e-waste.

linc sustainable phone concept

linc sustainable phone concept

linc sustainable phone concept

linc sustainable phone concept

via TheGreenerGrass

Mini Solar Racer : The World’s Smallest Solar Racing Car

Discover the smallest solar powered car ever created. The mini solar racers has a solar panel that is responsible of collecting sunrays and transform it into electricity that turns the car’s motor and wheels on. The car is not advisable for children below three years old because of its small parts. The concept of the mini solar racer car is nice; however, I do not find it attractive enough as a toy for my kids. I consider it a toy for the big boys. But Still, it is nice to hear that manufacturers are now getting more concern to our environment.

world tiniest solar car

via Core77

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