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Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb: Lets Your Baby And The Environment Relieved

Seeing our kids, sound asleep and relieved at night is rewarding as parents but with Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb, we are not only making our kids feel relieved but the environment too. Lampshades provide warm and relaxing illumination allowing our kids to sleep soundly. This sail away lamp from Bedtime Originals will not only provide warm illumination but also completes the nautical theme of your kids’ room. The lamp features a plaid patterned shade and cute sailboat with sails on the lamp base.

Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb

Since the lamp features boats with sails and blue plaid patterned shade, this lamp will be perfect for a boy’s room. One thing you will surely love about the lamp is the use of energy efficient bulb that lets you save money on your electric bill. It is important that you use energy efficient bulbs on lampshades especially if you are to use it as overnight illumination. The use of energy efficient bulb will not only let you save money but also will let you help save the environment because less energy consumption means less carbon emission, which is of no doubt beneficial to the environment. [Click here for more details about the stylish and eco-friendly Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb.]

Recycled Butter Stool From DesignByThem

Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic particularly milk containers, designers Sarh Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis from DesignByThem’s Butter Stool is not only made from recycled materials, but also is sturdy making it able to be used over time. The product comes in a single piece of plastic and can be easily hand assembled by simply folding each part. Aside from the clean lines, the stool also looks elegant enough for outdoor and indoor use. The team has plans of expanding the Butter series by creating more products like table and shelving system. The Butter Stool simply proves that eco-friendly design needs not compromise style.

Butter Stool

Source: DesignByThem via Design Addict

W101 Task Light: Sleek And Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly lights are now becoming a trend. Designers never run out of ideas when it comes to eco-friendly designs. Designer Claseeon Koivisto Rune is just one of the talented designers that are now into green designs. He had created the W101 Task Light that is entirely made from a mixture of paper pulp and starch polymer called DuraPulp. Designed for Swedish lighting company Wastberg, W101 Task Light is scheduled for inaugauration during the Milan week on April 14-19, 2010. Aside from the eco-friendly DuraPulp the W101 is using, it also uses LEDs that are known to be an energy efficient lighting system.

W101 Lamp

W101 Lamp

W101 Lamp

W101 Lamp

Source: Claesson Koivisto Rune via The Design Blog

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