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The 2012 Toyota Prius C Is The Maker’s New Eco-car For 2012

Since its launching, the Prius car models had gained the trust of the public in the United States when it comes to cars that made Toyota, busy in developing the Prius family extension with the 2012 Toyota Prius C as its latest Prius member in 2012.

The Prius C follows the Prius V, a larger hatchback type car that is now on sale in the US. The Prius C is a subcompact car and comes smaller than the previous model. Even though it is smaller, it has the style that made this hybrid car of Toyota standout from the crowd.

External Look Features:

  • Pinched nose
  • Slit-like grill
  • Triangular fog light openings
  • Aerodynamic front splitter
  • Hood strakes

The above-mentioned features of the 2012 Toyota Prius C made it a car closely similar to the larger Prius.

Compared to a regular Prius, the Prius C is 19.1 inches shorter but is four inches longer than the Yaris Hatchback is. In addition, the C’s wheelbase measured 100.4 inches, which is 5.9 inches smaller than the standard car’s wheelbase. This new five-door eco-car of Toyota will have an aerodynamic and sporty design.

2012 Toyota Prius C
2012 Toyota Prius C

Why The Prius C is Eco-friendly?
Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive System propels the new 2012 Toyota Prius C. The 1.5 liter inline-four engine is partnered with the electric motor and battery pack. Even though the full specs of the Prius C is not yet unveiled, it has been assumed that it will be a fuel-efficient car because since it is smaller than the standard Prius, it will use a less powerful power train.

Inviting Equipments
Surely, the new 2012 Toyota Prius C will drive more customers because aside from the eco-friendly features that is inviting to environmentalist and those who wants to save on fuel cost, the Prius C also have many standard equipments that will definitely invite buyers.

Toyota will sell an eco-friendly car with the following features:

  • Nine airbags
  • Audio control mounted to the steering wheel
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The Prius will also feature the Entune option, Toyota’s new infotainment system with touch screen monitor that gives users the ability to listen to the renowned Pandora internet radio, do the web search on Bing, and read Emails aloud.

The Interior Design
The car’s interior features an instrument display mounted on the dashboard, a four-spoke steering wheel, and an elegant angular dashboard design.

The diagonal line that sweeps below the climate controls to the glove box opening made the interior design of the Prius C above the ordinary.

The traditional floor mounted shift lever is the major interior design change made in the Prius C, which is extremely different from the other Prius model that has the joystick.

The 2012 Toyota Prius C will be the perfect car for those who want to save big on fuel and at the same time do a little favor to the environment.

2012 Toyota Prius C

Via: MotorTrend

Recycled Butter Stool From DesignByThem

Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic particularly milk containers, designers Sarh Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis from DesignByThem’s Butter Stool is not only made from recycled materials, but also is sturdy making it able to be used over time. The product comes in a single piece of plastic and can be easily hand assembled by simply folding each part. Aside from the clean lines, the stool also looks elegant enough for outdoor and indoor use. The team has plans of expanding the Butter series by creating more products like table and shelving system. The Butter Stool simply proves that eco-friendly design needs not compromise style.

Butter Stool

Source: DesignByThem via Design Addict

Reclaimed Wood Bench By Gursan Ergil

Not everybody knows that old woods are great materials for furniture. They have molded into a sturdy and strong one by time. However, many of the designers do not welcome the use of used or old woods in creating their masterpieces, but not Gursan Ergil. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Gursan had created a wonderful collection of furniture that are all made from reclaimed woods, and one of his collection is the beautifully designed bench. Sleek and eco-friendly, this chair will definitely minimize the number of used woods to different landfills and at the same time, it does help the people realize that used woods can be beautiful as new if a great artisanship is applied.

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Source: Gursan Ergil via Contemporist

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