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Solar Powered Houseboat By Orhan Cileli

With the limitation of the current houseboat design to be on the open ocean, industrial designer Orhan Cileli has come up with an eco-friendly houseboat design that can survive not only on calm waterways, rivers, inlets, and bays, but to the open ocean as well. This houseboat has enough underlying support that will prevent the houseboat from so wildly on larger waves.

A fishing bobber inspires the houseboats design. It comes with a design wherein the half part of the home is submerged and the other half is the ones floating above sea level. The house has a large floating ring at the beltline that serves also as the homeowner’s exterior deck for lounging purposes and for docking other vessels as well.

The reason this houseboat is perfect for Open Ocean is because, it uses high tensile reinforced acrylic curved panes that make the houseboat strong enough under high volume pressure. Not only that, the acrylic exterior also serves as an instrument of collecting rainwater as the waters flows through the acrylic exterior and goes toward into a channel, then to a storage reservoir. From there, the water will then be purified for drinking and gardening purposes.

The house has the garden and the seawater that serves as its cooling system. The garden works as the filters for sunrays before it can go penetrate the house, and the water that touches the houses’ submerged part works as not only a cooling system but also it lowers heat emissions.

You might think how the house is propelled. This eco houseboat has engines placed on the fourth floor and is powered by the natural oceanic currents with the assistance of a small secondary solar driven turbine.

With this eco-friendly houseboat design, it allows its users to enjoy the comfort of a home while getting close to the sea and the environment at the same time.

Solar Powered Houseboat

Solar Powered Houseboat

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