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E-vivacity: Peugeot’s Electric Scooter

Eco-friendly transportation means is now becoming widely available with the growing number of carmakers who are now into manufacturing eco-friendly cars. Peugeot joins with other carmakers and will soon present to its consumers its new and advanced electric scooter called e e-Vivacity. Unlike the previous electric scooter that Peugeot had, which nickel-cadmium batteries power, the all-new e-Vivacity us will be powered by lithium-ion batteries. This modern and fashionably stylish scooter will have a range of around 60 miles and will be having a top speed of 28 miles per hour. The e-vivacity will have a motor that works similar to that 50cc petrol powered scooters making it ideal for travel around the village, market, and the like.


Via: Ecofriend

Shelby Ultimate Aero EV (Electric Vehicle) Will Come To Market in Late 2009

Shelby Supercars has recently announced that they will build the word’s fastest electric car, which is the Ultimate Aero EV to take into actions their plans of defeating the Tesla Roadster and all other competitors’ fast cars. The Ultimate Aero EV has a sleek and sexy body surrounded by an incredible amount of hype. It is a 500 horsepower car and is touted as the first 100% Green Supercar to meet a speed that never seen before.

The first prototype of the said car will be revealed in February of next year. Moreover, in December of 2009, four production models will be rolled out and will definitely hit the road to let everyone’s eye turn into it.

aero ev supercars

aero ev supercars

aero ev supercars

aero ev supercars

aero ev supercars

via BusinessWeek

Save the Earth, Use Toyota’s Eco Car

Driving in an earth friendly manner has never been a wonderful experience. Providing us this great experience of modern mobility while keeping the environment safe, is the Toyota’s Eco car that is made of seaweed. This hybrid car will be shown at the Melbourne International Motor Show in Australia. A 500cc engine powers this sleek car, which is about one third of the size of Toyota Prius. In addition, this eco-car also has 1/X that makes use of high-tech materials such as carbon-fiber reinforced plastic that eventually gives the car a safety collision. This hybrid car can also be powered by electricity, which made the car more capable of a better speed and range.

Toyota Seawed Car

Toyota Seawed Car

Source: Ecofriend

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