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Athos Flueless Gas Fire for Your Cold Winter’s Night

An eco-friendly fireplace with the elegant look is what the Superior Athos Flueless Gas Fire. With its sleek and elegant design, this fireplace is perfect for everybody who wants to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter’s night while being eco-friendly at the same time. This gas fire is 100% fuel-efficient since it only puts out 2.0kW to 3.5kW of heat on natural gas. The Athos Flueless Gas Fire also has a thermal glass front, ans oxygen depletion sensor (ODS), and a flame failure device that made it offers the best in safety features that are not present with the traditional fireplaces.

flueless gas fireplace

From : Firesgalore

Alppac – A Green Backpack Charger

Designed by Joel Lim, this backpack is able to generate a substantial amount of electricity to power/charge electronic devices on the go. And at the same time to have a solution for the negligence in having a first aid kit among hikers, due to the lack of space. This is a great news for hikers or individuals looking for an alternative way of charging their electronics, at the same time doing their part for the environment and staying green.

Alppac would come in handy when the user has set up camp and would like to explore the surrounding area. It’s a lighter alternative to carrying the entire backpack,and comes with it’s own charging compartment too. Alppac also has first aid box inside of it. It’s design doesn’t vary much from what you see in the market, but there are some changes like the use of transparent pockets instead of the conventional cloth ones, to provide easy identification of equipment.

alppac eco charger

alppac eco charger

alppac eco charger

Designer : Joel Lim via EcoFriend

Hybrid-Electric Tilt-Rotor Aircraft with Inbuilt Solar Charging from Falx

Falx Air Vehicles are making a breakthrough in aircraft innovation, they are planning to use hybrid-electric motor and inbuilt solar arrays rather than fuel. Falx has showed the full-size prototype as early as the Farnsworth air show this year, a compact single and double-seater tilt-rotor aircraft which targeted only use 10 liters of fuel per hour airborne. Using aerospace-certified composite materials, the single seater weighs in at only 350kg, with the twin-seat version weighing 405kg.

Falx claims the battery packs powering the Falx will be the latest fast-charge battery systems the USA has to offer, but no further details are available. The batteries will be charged both by inbuilt solar relays and through the use of a small 100hp combustion engine that drives a lightweight, brush-less generator. Noise and thermal image will thus be kept to a minimum, enhancing the craft’s stealth abilities. The twin electric engines eliminate a lot of complex machinery in traditional tilt-wing craft, such as drive-shafts, hydraulics and gearboxes.

falx hybrid electric tilt rotor concept

falx hybrid electric tilt rotor concept

falx hybrid electric tilt rotor concept

Source : Falx via Gizmag

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