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Neutrabox: Receives And Holds Your Mails Natrally

Even with the wide use of technology in communicating with family and friends, there are still many that opt to use the snail mail in sending their messages to their desired recipient. The Neutrabox is an ecvo-friendly mailbox made from leftover scraps of galvanized metal sheets. The mailbox has minimalistic design that will match flawlessly to any garden, fence or gate. The nerutrabox is designed to last longer with the various features like the rolled metal edges and the fasteners made of stainless steel and aluminum that prevent rust. The neutrabox mailbox is also handmade thus, produces zero carbon emission creating a safe and better world to live.





Source: Neutrabox via Blue Ant Studio

Live In a Green House through the Zenkaya Ecohome

Design and comfort is the first thing that comes in our minds when it comes to choosing a home and the environment is the least one to be considered. However, this will never be a mistake again when you choose to have the Zenkaya Ecohome. These ready-made houses have highly insulated wall panels and excellent quality finishes. Zenkyaya has the quality every people need to give his or her families the most comfortable shelter as possible. When your chose to order the Zenkaya, you will surely enjoy and love it up to the moment you live in it. Zenkaya’s design is based on core sustainable principles and all the materials used are recyclable when needed.

Zenkaya Ecohome

Zenkaya Ecohome

Zenkaya Ecohome

Zenkaya Ecohome

Source: Zenkaya

Photo Frames Made of Recycled Aluminium Cans

Thousands of trees are felled each year. Some of them are transformed into palettes which are lost, abandoned or burned. So why not think something like this : Cans + palettes = Le Cadre “frame”

The idea of this aluminium cans photo frame is after twelve or so treks throughout the world (Yémen, Iran, Ladak, Mongolia, Sumatra, Kirghisie, Equateur…), family and friends wanted to see, and see again, some of the ‘photos that had been taken. This led quite naturally to the idea of an exhibition.

But it seemed rather incongruous to present these ‘photos from “all over the world” in standard frames. What was needed was to invent a frame compatible with the ‘photos we intended to present (from regions off the beaten track whose crafts are at the same time rudimentary and exceptionally inventive). The frames could be made by Brahim in Yemen, Asiz in Indonesia, Anatoly in Kamchatka, Djarkin in Kerghisie using materials available to everyone: planks cut at an angle of 90°, glue (which can be produced by anyone anywhere in the world), nails, and aluminium drink cans for decoration.

After a year of trials and errors, these frames are at last as good as expected. You can find the exhibition which will take place in Nancy, France in May 2008.

photo frames made of recycled cans

cans photo frame

eco friendly cans photo frame

Product Page : Atelier Arduini

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