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RC-1 Rain Collector By Hero

Water conservation has been a call for such a long time already. However, it seems like only a few are answering to the said call, not until the issue of Global Warming came out. The issue sounds like everybody is being warned and all are now aware and seem like cooperating to help save the environment. A Toronto based company creates the RC-1 Rain Collector, which I find a perfect tool to conserve water and energy thru the rainwater that is being collected by the RC-1 that has the ability to hold 45 gallons of rainwater. With this enough amount of water, you can now surely water your garden or wash your dog or car or clothes without the need to tap on your city’s water supply.

Hero RC-1 Rainwater Collector

Hero RC-1 Rainwater Collector

Source: Swiss Miss

Horizon : Bio-Energy Kit

Ninety percent water and ten ethanol or alcohol is the fuel source for the Horizon. The solution is just like of vodka, wherein the Horizon fuel cell kit directly converts ethanol to electricity free from noise and combustion. This device has the ability to run for day’s non-stop. In the next years to come, this device may have the chance to replace the traditional way of charging or electronic devices like our cell phone, iPods, mp3 players, and more. With its price of $99.00, I guess it’s already worth it since it will let us save from electricity in the long run.

charge ipod with alcohol

[ProductPage] via Gizmodo

Be A Green Techie With The Cardboard Laptop Case

Today, generic laptop cases, bags, and sleeves are popping out in the market almost every now and then. However, none of them are eco-friendly enough for daily use but not the Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case by Giles Miller. Will be presented at London’s Design exhibit this fall, the corrugated cardboard laptop case is 100% recycled with the unique fluting that allows the users to personalize the case with custom designs. This one of a kind eco-laptop case is sturdy enough for daily use and is completely stylish and fashionably trendy for the students to use. With the corrugated cardboard laptop case, teens and adult alike can help save the environment by simply patronizing it.

Cardboard Laptop Case

Cardboard Laptop Case

Cardboard Laptop Case

Source: Packaging Uqam

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