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Phuzion Greenline: An Eco-friendly Skate From Powerslide Fitness

Roller skating is a fun and healthy way to get fit. Today, with the Phuzion Greenline skate from Powerslide Fitness, skating is not only fun and fit but eco-friendly as well. Green features of the skate includes the use of recycled materials like its shell that uses 30% recycled material, Cuff that is made of at least 30% recycled plastic material, and upper material made of hemp, canvass, and cotton. In addition, the skate’s lining is 100% recyclable and its frame in made of DAMON bamboo installed to the skate using natural glue. Aside from the green features, the Phuzion Greenline also has the elegant and fancy look that made it an ideal fitness tool anywhere you may go.

Phuzion Greenline Skate

Source: Powerslide

Electric Powered Bus By Mohammad Ghezel

Another eco-friendly vehicle will definitely make you feel interested with vehicles and green living. The electric powered bus by Mohammad Ghezel is one of the entries for a contest incorporated with Michelin Tires. The bus has a bionic design that made it look weird, yet interesting. It has solar cells on top that obviously powered the bus. Inspired by insect life, the bus has eight separated wheels with in-wheel electric engines.

Aside from being eco-friendly, this electric powered bus will definitely become an eye-turner as well because aside from its bionic look, it also has glossy black finish and stylish side doors that open like a butterfly wings.

Electric Powered Bus

Electric Powered Bus

Electric Powered Bus

Electric Powered Bus

Electric Powered Bus

Electric Powered Bus

Source: via Yanko Design

The Nixon Stencil In Aqua Handbag Is Stylish Yet Eco-friendly Bag For Daily Use

Handbags like the Nixon Stencil in Aqua Handbag are one of the most important accessories that women cannot live without the moment they step outside of their house. We all want to be fashionable at all times, but sometimes; we were unaware that we are harming the environment.

Eco-friendly Materials
Today, we can keep the earth safe without compromising style and fashion with the numerous eco-friendly handbags that are coming out in the market today. We have bags made from recycled materials just like the Nixon Stencil handbag. They can be made of recycled tarpaulin, recycled clothes and more. In the case of the Nixon Stencil Handbag, the designers make use of a recycled polyester canvas and a top PVC-free coated canvass for its outer lining. Inside the bag is a 100% pre-consumer recycled foam and the bag’s labels are made of pre-consumer waste leather and wood. On the other hand, the Nixon Stencil handbag is coated with an eco-friendly liquid and a stain resistant coating. [Click here for Nixon Stencil in Aqua Handbag order info]

Nixon Stencil in Aqua Handbag
Nixon Stencil in Aqua Handbag

Sustainable Production
Other than being made of recycled materials, carbon footprint of the Nixon stencil bag is even lesser because it is proudly handmade in the USA. Therefore, there is no gas or oil used in the production process.

Bag Features
The Nixon Stencil stylish handbag features comfort and style. Inside the bag are four interior pockets giving enough room for your items like phone, keys, cosmetics, and more to get organized. How would you wear the bag lies on your style. Its adjustable strap allows you to wear your bag over your shoulder or cross body.
The bag measures 17.5 width and 17 inches in height with the strap adjustable to up to 44 inches at its longest and 26 inches at its shortest.
Buy a Nixon Stencil in Aqua Handbag that matches your personality according to the colors available. You can choose from orange, blue and brown.

Maintenance and Care
Maintenance and care to keep the Nixon Stencil handbag is extremely easy and simple. All you have to do is to wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Your bags liner can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Get a Nixon Stencil in Aqua Handbag and help save the environment without compromising your fashion for handbags. [Click here for Nixon Stencil in Aqua Handbag order info]

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