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The Eco-Friendly Robe By Jonano

Bamboo is known for its wide range of usability. This sustainable material is already used to various furniture from bed frame to chairs to benches to tablewares like utensils, to bowls, to glasses, and now a fashionable robe. Designer Jonano has created the Classy Robe that is perfect for your comfortable lounging on your weekend breaks. This eco-friendly and fashionable robe is made from a 70% bambpp and 30% certified organic cotton. This product also uses colorful and attractive dyes with low impact to the environment making this classy robe of Jonano a pure eco-friendly piece. For sale at $88.00, it is not bad already for a wonderful robe.

Bamboo Robe

Source: Jute and Jackfruit

Center For Sustainable Energy Technologies By Mario Cucinella Architects

Mario Cucinella Architects built the Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies in China as part of Nottingham University expansion in Ningbo, China. The building will focus on the use of sustainable energy like the solar power, photovoltaic energy, wind power, and the list goes on. This newly built building will house visitor’s center, research laboratories, and classrooms for master’s courses.

The building design itself has a unique look as a Chinese lantern was inspiring it and a traditional wood screens. Its twisting tower that is visible all around the campus made this building an eye catcher one as it creates different façade.

Aside from the beautiful appearance, the building also has numerous eco-friendly features including the large rooftop opening that brings in natural light to all floors of the building. It also has natural ventilation and geothermal energy that are used for the building cooling and heating system.

The building is carefully design to make the most out of the environment natural resources, which include the building partly open sides to allow the daylight to come in, illuminates the building and minimize the need of using an artificial illumination. It also has four tilted triangular shaped skylights that provides natural lights the building semi-basement.

Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies

Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies

Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies

Source: Mario Cucinella Architects via Travel With Frank Gehry

SolarGorilla Water Resistant Portable Laptop Charger

Solar powered portable laptop charger is now available for every traveler to use. They will never ran out of power because the solargorilla is an off the grid device, which means it can be faced up wherever the sun is. In this way the charger can collect solar power whatever the time of the day and wherever the user is. It can work out as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with the powergorilla portable charger. This powergorilla charger is designed with durability for outdoor use. Its clamshell design is water resistant and has rubberized casing. With its 20V power socket out and a standard 5V USB socket, you will never be in trouble anymore.

solar gorilla

solar gorilla

solar gorilla

via PowerTraveller

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