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WindJet: A Windpower Vehicle

When talking about eco-friendly vehicle, hydrogen powered ones are known already followed by solar powered ones. However, have you ever heard of a wind powered vehicle already? Well, designer Nathan Hintz have a wind powered vehicle concept called WindJet. As the name suggests, the bright yellow super green car concept will use low drag turbines for its batteries to be recharged while in motion. This can be an amazing concept when it comes to fuel efficiency. However, I find its rear appearance pretty disturbing and maybe weird. Overall, the car concept looks great and its fuel efficient. Great enough for a polluted world we have today.




Source: Nathan Hintz

Domino Coffee Table: A Sustainable Home Furniture

Made from sustainable birch hardwood ply, the domino table by designer Chris Pritchard is of no doubt and eco-friendly one. It has a tabletop of tampered glass and has a triple gloss topcoat making the domino coffee table an elegant furniture perfect in your contemporary homes. In addition, this eco-friendly coffee table is also made by hand, thus is consumes no energy and produces no carbon emission that harms the environment. The domino table’s price of $1,400 can be a bit high, but if you are an eco-friendly individual and loves modern designs, you will definitely grab one. In this way, you will not only save the earth but also will enjoy the beautiful design of the domino table.

Domino Coffee Table

Source: Ecofriend

Host Your Own Pop-up Movie Theater With The Cardboard Cinema

Enjoy watching your favorite movies with friends and family members at home in an eco-friendly way with the Cardboard Cinema. We all know that cardboard is 100 percent recyclable, thus, making it an eco-friendly source of material. On the other hand, instead of simply piling those cardboard boxes available, you can have them placed or piled up in a stylish or sculptural manner where your guests can experiment a sitting style of their own. In this way, you can have leisure and enjoyment experienced whilst keeping the environment clean and a safe place to live today and in the coming years.

Cardboard Cinema

Cardboard Cinema

Via: The Coolhunter

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