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URB21: Pedal Powered Vehicle

Pedal powered vehicle hold on the title of being one of the most eco-friendly vehicles because it produces zero carbon emission, which is obviously safe to the environment. Designer Eliseu Santos joined with other designers in the world in creating eco-friendly vehicles to save the environment and has designed the URB21 or the Human Energy Moving Urban Vehicle, a pedal powered vehicle that has the ability to run a top speed of 45 Miles per Hour. URB21 is a 2m vehicle has all the control placed in both sides of the driver’s seat for easy and comfortable driving, and of course in an eco-friendly way.

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

Ssource: Ecofriend

GAIA Wall Mounted Air Purification System: A Wall Mounted Personal Eco-system

Air pollution is common to almost all cities around the world. This is obviously caused by the huge carbon emission that people produce on their daily activities. However, on the recent Electrolux Design Lab competition, designers are ask to design a futuristic product with the environment in mind. With the aim to have clean air at home, Indian designer Ankit Kumar created the GAIA Wall Mounted Air Purification System. With the modular live grass panels, the air will be cleanse and purified before in finally enters into your home, thus the air that you breathe will be free from dust and grime. The self-sustainable electronic eco system that the system has, made it even ideal to be called as an eco-friendly product. Aside from purifying air, the GAIA Root can also be your perfect insulating system, as it will also do temperature control making it an ideal product for tropical countries like many of the countries in Asia.

GAIA Air Purification System

GAIA Air Purification System

Via: Yanko Design

Square Mirror Made From Recycled Magazine Is A Great Way To Minimize Trash

Newspapers and magazines are one of the things that get old fast and destined to garbage almost in an instant unless, you have the Square Mirror Made From Recycled Magazine. As its name suggest, the mirror has the frame made of recycled magazine. Meaning, your magazine will have a new life instead of being tossed up to trash and adds up to the mountains of garbage we already have. [Click Here to get more details about Square Mirror Made From Recycled Magazine]

Square Mirror Made From Recycled Magazine

Measuring 16.5 inches in length by 16.5 inches in width and 3 inches in diameter, the mirror can be ideal at your desk or on top of your dresser as a helpful tool when putting your makeup on or when keeping your good grooming while at work. Looking at the image, the mirror looks lovely enough that you will not think it is made from recycled materials. On the other hand, this eco-friendly mirror can also be a perfect gift to your family and friends for all occasion. In this way, you can make them realize the using things made from recycled materials are not old-fashioned and untidy at all. In addition, you will also make them aware of the environment and let them know how people are working on with their simple, little ways to help save it. Help save the environment and start using Square Mirror Made From Recycled Magazine now. [Click Here to order Square Mirror Made From Recycled Magazine]

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