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Portable Eco Friendly Cardboard Bed from It-Happens

Are you tired already of transporting your transportable bed that is made of steel? Do it no more to day because a stackable bed made of cardboard is now available. Just conveniently unfold it if needed, and the spaces underneath can be a good space for storage. This bed is perfect for students who are in a dormitory that have very limited spaces. In addition, families living in the city with homes of limited spaces can also use this foldable bed. Moreover, since made of cardboard, this bed can easily be transported from one place to another. I would love owning this one intended for travel use.

eco friendly cardboard bed

From : it-happens

Solar Sound Bluetooth Speaker By Devotec

Another wonderful eco-friendly gadget from Devotec here called the Solar Sound Bluetooth Speaker. As the name suggests, this techie speaker is powered by the solar panels that are attached on top of this stylish speaker. This wonderful speaker is lightweight, portable, and yet was still able to provide crisp sound. The solar sound speaker can run up to 8 hours on medium volume and 4 hours on maximum volume. It also has an integrated Bluetooth and for an easy wireless connection to your multimedia players. The solar panels collect the sunrays on a sunny day and powers the speaker allowing its users to enjoy good music even at night. The touch screen display made playing your music easier with the solar sound Bluetooth speaker.

Solar Power Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Power Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Power Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Power Bluetooth Speaker

Source: Devotec via I New Idea Homepage

Eco-Friendly OrganiCann Marijuana: Made Marijuana A Tool For Saving The Environment

Marijuana is illegal in some countries particularly in the Eastern part of Asia. However, in some countries, Marijuana is hailed as one of the effective natural medicine and now comes in an eco-friendly packaging through OrganiCann’s Compostable Packaging. The packaging is designed for the users to have it compost in his or her own backyard. In this way, landfills will no longer be filled with discarded product packaging, which is obviously not favorable to the environment. With the OrganiCann’s eco-friendly packaging for Marijuana, landfills will be dramatically minimized. In addition, using OrganiCann will not only relieve you from pain but also will allow you to help save the environment.


Source: OrganiCann via Packaging of the World

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