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Urban Individual Car Concept with Personality

As the time goes by, our spaces are getting smaller and smaller. As this thing happens, people are being more closed and restricted. Because of this, people need to be more transparent and sociable. However, this might be impossible because cars for today’s designs make the people become isolated with their surroundings. A new personal transportation concept is designed by Mihai Stamati with transparency and will promote communication to the community. It’s design might be simple but has the personality that will attract people from using. Design for urban transport, this new car concept is perfect for people who love contemporary designs.

personal transportation concept

personal transportation concept

Solvinden Lamps: A Collection Colorful Solar-powered Lamp

The use of solar energy is definitely the most ideal when it comes to using clean energy and produces zero carbon emission. Obviously, the sun is a sustainable source of energy and thus, will allow users to use it as long as they want without spending too much, unlike if people will use electric or other expensive sources of energy. IKEA is not only a known manufacturer and producer of eye-catching products but also they are one of the companies that were able to produce eco-friendly products and the Solvinden Lamps are the latest addition to their solar-powered lamps. Aside from being solar powered, the Solvinden Lamps comes in different catchy colors of black, turquoise, lime green, and white.

Solvinden Solar Lamp

Source: IKEA via Inhabitat

Fuego: An Eco-friendly Patio Lamp

Stargazing alone or with friends, family member or with your partner is relaxing. Other than that, staying outdoor at night can be warm with the help of elegant and stylish outdoor lighting system like the Fuego. You might be wondering what the Fuego is doing in iGreenSpot. Well, for the benefit of everybody, the Fuego is not just an elegant outdoor or patio lamp but is an elegant one. This one of a kind lamp uses bio-ethanol to produce warm and relaxing flame. We all know that bio-ethanol is produce with lesser impact to the environment, thus using it will reduce our carbon footprint and thus, help save the environment.

Fuego Patio Lamp

Fuego Patio Lamp

Fuego Patio Lamp

Source: FUEGO

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