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Colorless Cola Packaging For The Environment

Saving the environment is everybody’s aim today. With the vast growth of landfills and pollutions that human eco footprints have produced, our environment has become largely destroyed. To regain the beauty of the earth, various designers are now aiming to design earth friendly materials that every human can use. Ryan Harc Studio is just one of the many eco-designers that we have today. He designed the colorless cola packaging. Instead of spray-painting those aluminum cola cans, his design has the logo embossed, thus reduces the energy to separate the toxic paint color from the aluminum. In addition, the packaging is also recyclable.

Colorless Cola Packaging

Colorless Cola Packaging

Source : Ryan Harc Studio

Tickets Made of Grass by Gil Cocker

The O2 ticketing system makes me wonder on how it works. It’s designer Gil Cocker stated that O2 is a two way ticketing system, wherein a couple of week before the main event, privileged ticket buyers are given a bag in the post filled with ingredients to grow grass. In return, it will replace the O2 exerted during the event. This one sounds to be big advantage to our air and nature. However, do not think it can immediately replace the O2 that are exerted during the events, but it is a great idea though. Buy doing this concept; we helped saved the earth while enjoying the things that we loved the most.

gil cocker ticketing system from grass

gil cocker ticketing system from grass

gil cocker ticketing system from grass

gil cocker ticketing system from grass

gil cocker ticketing system from grass

From : Gil Cocker via YankoDesign

The Hansen Family Trunk: Your Great Source Of Modern Yet Eco-friendly Furniture Design

Made from homegrown wood, handmade, yet modern Scandinavian design? Do you find it impossible? We all know that Scandinavian designs are modern and uses top-class first-hand materials. Ugh! You are all wrong according to the Hansen Family. Family members were able to create Scandinavian design furniture sets and are eco-friendly indeed and one of the furniture is The Hansen Family Trunk. Looking at the photo, the trunk is not only contemporary but also functional as well, if you notice the hanger, thus will not only save the trees but a lot of space as well. But hey! What are those yellow and blue colors doing on the trunk? They must have been out of the picture and the trunk would be a perfect tool for any contemporary and eco-friendly room.

The Hansen Family Trunk

Source: The Hansen Family

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