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Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car

Saving on the high prices of gas and the nature as well simply means using if not those electric powered cars are those that simply does not uses any gas powered engine like the Audi Auto Union Type C pedal car. The car is powered by a zero horsepower seven speed, chain drive pedal it yourself engine. In addition, it also has a hand brake lever and hydraulic double disc brakes. It has an aluminum frame, which means the car is light and will not be hard for you or your kids to run and operate. In addition, it also looks stunning and attractive though it is a bit retro looking.

audi pedal car

Source : Audi via LimitedHype

Amonix: A Solar Panel That Double The Energy At A Half Price

We all know that solar panels is a great way to save huge amount of money for our energy use because of its ability to produce electricity after collecting solar energy. The new solar panel form NREL will definitely roll your eyes as it doubles the energy it can produce while cutting down the cost into half. With the help of the concentrated photovoltaic or CPV generator, the Amonix is definitely the most sustainable solar panel at the very moment. If people will never get tired of developing eco-friendly and sustainable product, saving the environment will be as easy as a snap.



Source: NREL via Inhabitat

Forest Pendant Lamp by Nori Morimoto

Pendant lamps add up the beauty or homes had during the night. However, with Nori Morimoto’s eco friendly Forest Pendant Lamp, it will not only give our homes the nice and warm light at night, but rather it can also be a nice sculpture during the day. The forest pendant lamp can be used with CFL bulbs of not more than 60 watts. Forest is a hardwire pendant lamp, it comes with two canopies, and it got a 2feet drop length. This lamp is perfect for modern and stylish homes, and contemporary business establishments in rural areas with eco-friendly theme.

forest pendant lamp

Source : Nori Morimoto via 2modern

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