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Cardboard Bicycle from Phil Bridge

Saving the earth and reducing bicycle theft, are what product design student Phil Bridge comes into an idea of making a cardboard bicycle. The cardboard they are using has an industrial strength so it is as durable as any other steel bikes available. This cardboard bicycle is strong, sturdy, and waterproofed. With this characteristics, this cardboard bike functions normally as the regular bike does. With cardboard as the main material for this cardboard bike, doubts about its durability will never be vanished as I myself have the same doubt. However, Mr. Bridge claims that even when it rains, the bike still has its structural integrity intact.

cardboard bicycle

Designer : Phil Bridge via BBC

The POLO Lounger By Paul Wilding

We have here a great submission from another talented designer. A stylish and eco-friendly lounger called the POLO Lounger by Paul Wilding is a new way of spending your outdoor pleasure the green way.

“Polo is made from one-piece aluminum, and then folded in the fashion of a Japanese Origami. Polo is available in a choice of colourways: silver, white, dark bronze or black. Outdoor upholstery is either light grey or black.
Polo is designed for a 50 year life time, and after that it can be recycled.”

Manufactured by a New Zealand-based company Volex Style, the POLO Lounger is definitely a must furniture especially this summer where people are on their poolside and beaches to do sun bathing.

POLO Lounger

POLO Lounger

The Volkswagen Bik.e: A Small And Eco-friendly Bike

Know car maker Volkswagen is dedicated in its aim to help save the environment and it was evident enough with their newly unveiled product called the Volkswagen Bik.e. Small and battery powered, the Volkswagen bik.e does have what it takes to reduce carbon emission. In addition, the buk.e is small enough to be placed on your car’s compartment and carry it wherever you may more. being a battery powered wheels, the bik.e does not have any pedals and has the ability to travel the distance of 20km with a speed of 20 km/h. Works fast like your car, while cleaning the environment like your bicycles, the Volkswagen bik.e will surely be the transportation means in the near future.

Volkswagen Bik.e

Volkswagen Bik.e

Volkswagen Bik.e

Source: Volkswagen via Designboom

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