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A Stylish Bamboo Water Jar is Now Available for You

The king of storage for our water seems always to be an issue when it comes to safety, sanitary and environmental issues. The stylish and safe bamboo water jar is now here for your water storage. Made of natural bamboo stem that is divided by natural partition walls it has at regular intervals to distribute water, the bamboo water jar are made wonderfully and designed elegantly for the use of humankind. The bottom of the jar is naturally formed by one of the natural partitions the bamboo has, and the handle is a pure bamboo simply bent to form the elegant structure.

Bamboo Water Jar

Source: re-f-use

SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace By Devco

During cold or winter season, a fireplace is one of the most important thing that every household must have aside from a heater and the SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace will definitely add some warmth to your home. In addition, it will not only keep you warm but also it will help you keep the environment safe because as its name suggests, the SoHo wall mount fireplace uses ethanol for fuel and we all know that ethanol is an eco-friendly form of fuel. [Click here to know more about SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace]

SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace
SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace

The fireplace is a ventless one thus; there’s no need for you to have a chimney. This will save you the cost of installing a chimney as well as the cost for maintenance. Measuring 28 inches in width by 19 inches in height by 5.5 inches in depth, the fireplace is surely just enough to warm your room without harming the environment as this surely will not produce smoke, another reason for it to be harmless to the environment. Available in stainless steel, this lovely, elegant and eco-friendly fireplace will definitely add modern style to your home. The produce is easy to assemble and hanging it to your wall is dead easy too. If you are into a stylish, functional and eco-friendly kind of fireplace, SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace is the ideal product to buy. [Click here to know more about SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace]

SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace

Solar Powered LED Lamps By Sharp

Large companies like Sharp Corporation are now embracing Eco-friendly developments already. Lately the said electronic company has developed a new line of LED lighting products for outdoor use, which includes the four solar powered LED lights. This wonderful development from sharp will surely make our busy street safer than before with the brighter illumination provided by the Sharp Corporation’s solar powered LED outdoor lighting products. Aside from the bright lights it provides, the company’s solar powered LED lights also lessens carbon emission, thus helps saves the environment as well aside from providing bright lights. I cannot wait seeing these outdoor lighting products on our busy streets soon.

Sharp Solar Powered LED Lamps

Sharp Solar Powered LED Lamps

Sharp Solar Powered LED Lamps

Source: Designboom

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