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Save Energy With The Solar Powered Lawn Mower

The lawn mower is one of the top energy-consuming appliances we have at home. Why not save energy today by using a solar powered lawn mower. The RBZG001 is not like any other lawn mower available in the market today. The RBZG001 is a solar powered lawn mower that will let you save on your energy consumption. In addition, you will also get the chance to save the environment because the RBZG001 produces zero emission, thus an environment friendly home appliance. This eco-friendly lawn mower is design perfect for both commercial and home use, and comes up with an elegant and sleek design.

Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Source: Ecofriend

Green Chair: Estudio Mariscal’s Eco-friendly Piece

At first glance, you can hardly believe that it is made of recycled materials. The Green Chair comes sleek and elegant creating a perception of being made of first hand materials. True to its name, the Green Chair used recycled plastic for its seat and back support. The plastic is not just a recycled one but is also a 100% recyclable material at the end of its life. Therefore, every mankind who are into the Green Chair will not lose a single chance of becoming even a short-lived advocate of green living or eco-friendly living. Eco-friendly feature is not the only ones you love with green chair. Indeed, it has great ergonomics too.

Green Chair

Source: Estudio Mariscal via ME Design Mag

Travel Fast and Luxuriously with The Sunreef One Fifty

In response to the customer’s inquiries, the Sunreef One Fifty was created. Designed by their in-house designer, the Sunreef has solar panels on the large surface area of the sweeping topside to supply power for the vessel. The Sunreef One Fifty uses uncut teak to enhance it’s futuristic elegance. Due to the vessel’s intention to break the tradition, the cockpit, sheltered by a sunproof, has been moved forward, and have sun beds, dining table, and wicker armchairs. The vessel also has a large salon with a lounge bar. And if a passenger wants a panoramic view, they can stay at the dining room.

sunreef yacht

sunreef yacht

sunreef yacht

Source :Sunreef Yachts via Gizmag

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