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BRB Evolution : Eco Friendly Car Concept with Foldable Body

As time goes by, more and more people have the ability to buy their own cars, which lead the air pollution and lack of parking space. Designer Bailey came into an eco-friendly car concept called the BRB Evolution, a hybrid car that runs both with electricity and with hydrogen. What is nicer about this car is that, it can be folded up to 50 percent of its original size. Sound amazing but it is true. This concept from Bailey, will surely answers our problems in parking space.

In addition to those helpful features of the BRB Evolution, it also has a sleek design that will surely catch everybody’s eyes. Very sporty and elegant, I can’t wait to own one.

brb evolution folding car concept

brb evolution folding car concept

There are plenty of eco-friendly cars that are around in the market today giving everyone a wide range of options to choose from when they wish to go green. There are also many concept cars that are around which will hopefully one day hit the road as they seem to be a wonderful alternate to the available models filled with green features and loaded with design improvements that really are of great use in everyday life.

The BRB Evolution is a very interesting concept apart from the name itself which is pretty nice if you ask me. The BRB is a car designed to free you up from parking hassles and it is designed to reduce the energy consumed by all those parking lots by reducing the parking space. The concept is so simple and yet so fundamentally sound that it holds your attention and you really have very little to be skeptical about. If you reduce the space of parking for each car, the parking lot accommodates more number of them leading to the requirement of less number of parking lots!

brb evolution folding car concept

brb evolution folding car concept

via EcoFriend

Aware Projects: Helps Us Save Energy

Saving on energy usage is one of the most common energy saving act every household do to help save not only on energy consumption but the environment as well. Industrial designer Karin Ehrnberger and Iteraction designer Loove Brooms collaborate and created the Aware project that will let you save on your energy usage. Is the aware laundry lamp and share aware light. The aware laundry lamp will encourage you to hang dry your clothes with the lamp as the source of heat while the clothes on the other hand will serve as your shade. The share aware light on the other hand has the ability to equally share the fixed amount of light where it is needed the most. Therefore, there can be no area in your house lacks or has excessive with lighting.

Aware Project

Aware Project

Aware Project

Source: Dezeen

Eco-swivel Desk Lamp: An Eco-friendly Design From Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Storing old and broken items at home can be an eyesore. Why not give these items a new life by recycling. The Eco-swivel lamp by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba is made from recycled broken furniture and a timber. Presumably, timbers used in this project are sustainably sourced or leftovers by wooden furniture manufacturers or makers. This sustainable lighting design is not only eco-friendly but also striking. This will be a perfect illuminating tool whilst playing as one of your eye-catching home décor. Patronizing this product will give everyone the chance to help save the earth and make it a better and safe place to live.


Source: Marama via Stilsucht

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