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Apple Just Filed A Solar Patent, Solar Macbook ?

Another breaking news from Apple, they just field a patent to infuse their computers with a thin film of solar cells. Do you think this might be their next breakthrough? Solar macbook can be pretty cool, a new generation from Apple, with battery life boosted by the sun. The patent approaches the prospect from every angle, with schematics to stack photovoltaic cells beneath the entire surface of their portables – including the screen! Greener Apple is indeed a great news.

solar macbook

apple goes solar

solar macbook concept

Source : via Inhabitat

Wooden Tool Kit Toy for Kids Review

Toys are not just for the sake of keeping children engaged or just to entertain them. They can learn quite a number of things as many of the toys have educational benefits linked with them. The toy kits available for the children often teach them various how-to-make activities and they get involved in useful handicrafts at an early stage. The “Melissa and Doug wooden take along tool-kit” can be considered one of the top toys for kids. They can understand the details of carpentry through the fun activities and gradually turn into a proficient carpenter or artist. Most of the kids have a tendency to break their toys and then rebuild them. Here with this toy kit they get ample chance to destroy things and then recreate them. [Click here to get more details on Wooden Tool Kit Toy for Kids]

wooden tool kit toy

Generally you will often watch the kids try to reach the wooden toys at the first visit to any toy shop. They like the rigidity and simplicity in these toys. Here with the “Melissa and Doug wooden take along tool-kit” they can easily satiate their need of play and education. The kit is available in twenty four pieces which is pretty attractive for any child. There is a sturdy tool-box that contains chisel, wrench, hammer, nuts, bolts screws and nails. The pieces of toys are available in vibrant colors as well as the natural colors of wood. The children will be delighted to get this tool carpentry kit as it gives them an experience that is quite similar to practical work. This is the reason why the “wooden take along tool-kit” is considered the top toys for boys. [Click here to check best price on Wooden Tool Kit Toy for Kids]

wooden tool kit toy

There are many young girls who like to do something on their own instead of spending time with the dolls. The “Melissa and Doug wooden take along tool-kit” can be counted as one of the top toys for girls as well. There are quite a few learning opportunities related to this kit. The child will know how to differentiate between the objects with various shapes and sizes. The coordination of hand and eye is very important when you are working with a tool kit and this is easy to learn with the “wooden take along tool-kit”. When they are playing with this “wooden take along tool-kit” they will learn to think and act quickly in a creative manner. This helps the kid to grow the confidence level while they play freely. Get your kid this “wooden take along tool-kit” and see him or her become a master of carpentry. [Click here to check best price on Wooden Tool Kit Toy for Kids]

Reusable Sticky Notes From Sprout Builder

Sticky Notes has been widely used many of us today. We have it either in our office or at home. After our notes have been read, the sticky notes are already destined to our trashes, which is obviously harmful to the environment. A great submission to Igreenspot called the Re-usable sticky notes has been made and Igreen on the other hand is happy to share it with its avid readers.

We waste resources when we use post-its and scratch papers to scribble temporary or ever changing information and then just throw them away afterwards.

So why not make a re-usable post-it and scratch papers? Scribble and stick them to any surface you like (i.e. fringe, monitor, wall, book etc.) When done, just simply flip up the transparent sheet to erase; similar to our childhood toy – the magic slate.

The base of the magic slate will be made from cling vinyl that sticks or clings to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal surfaces. Also has a strip of reapply-able removable adhesive for clinging to rougher surfaces such as books.

This portable product can also be puzzled (or stick) together to form bigger writing pad. Great for fridge reminders and expiration info, bookmarks, brain storming sessions, shopping list and daily task reminders. Comes in different colors (size and shapes if you like).

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Source: Sprout Builder

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