Recycled Spray Can Light

Spray cans are tends to be discarded after its contents are consumed. However, to keep it from giving the chance to grow our landfills, the recycled spray can light are created. Designed by the artistic and talented children from Zek, the recycled spray can light can our perfect pendant light at home. It can be used solely or in a group to create and artistic formation when lit. Aside from its bright illumination, the outer part of the can is also painted decoratively creating an artistic abstract look making the cans a perfect tool for a home’s interior design without the need to harm the environment.

Recycled Spray Can Light

Recycled Spray Can Light

Recycled Spray Can Light

Recycled Spray Can Light

Recycled Spray Can Light

From : Zek Via [2Modern]


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  • what kind of material did you use in this kind of invention?

  • I would love to replicate these on my own. Is there a how-to somewhere???

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