Picnic ‘n’ Party Cutlery by Klara Zavadilova

Cutlery Sets are always needed every time we need to have some meal. In addition, it must be always clean and ready to use. However, bringing along with us our own set will always take time to clean it every after meal. That is why designer Klara Zavadilova has created the PICNIC ‘N’ PARTY plastic cutlery set. Its unique appearance can be determined by the color and pattern of the table napkin that is rolled and inserted into the handle slot of each piece of the set. Because this set is disposable, it is perfect for picnics, parties or during travels.

Plastic Cutlery Set

Plastic Cutlery Set

Source: Archi Tonic


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  • yeah right, this cutlery sets are very crucial for outing or parties. 😀

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