Peapod Small Electric Car from GreenEcoMobility

Electric vehicles are now hitting the busy roads everywhere due to the skyrocketing gas prices. In addition, every country is now exerting more and more effort to lessen carbon emission. To join with every eco-friendly car manufacturers, GEM (GreenEcoMobility), a Chrysller LL Company, is now introducing the Peapod. An electric powered car that is not only elegant looking but is also a techie one. The Peapod will be having a center console, and will be offering iPod integration and hands free use of the user’s iPhone. In addition, the Peapod also has an mesh seating designed with maximum comfort which is another great and innovative aspect of the Peapod.

peapod electric car

peapod electric car

peapod electric car

peapod electric car

peapod electric car

peapod electric car

Source : GreenEcoMobility


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  • Why not build your own electric car? A lot of information on how to build an electric car, including cost cutting measures and design tips, can be found on Frank Didik’s website at: In particular, check out the section entitled “How to Build an Electric Car”, “Didik Turtle or How to build a two person electric vehicle in 14 hours” and “Critical and accurate assessment of electric vehicles”. He is the first to truly mention the pro’s and con’s of electric cars and an excellent history directory of electric cars, starting in the 1800’s. Many years ago, Didik was the found of the Electric Car Society.

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