Linc : The Sustainable Phone Concept

As we all know, gadgets like mobile phone, iphone, and more are being purchased to own one. However, LINC has changed this type of practice and created a sustainable phone concept, wherein, one can be lease a phone, return and lease it again, without sacrificing its style and functionality. LINC is truly a unique concept because of its recyclability. However, the concept itself, makes me think twice if I were to lease one. A phone is a personal asset which should not be given away after a year of usage. Nevertheless, it is helpful enough for the environment as it recycles hazardous e-waste.

linc sustainable phone concept

linc sustainable phone concept

linc sustainable phone concept

linc sustainable phone concept

via TheGreenerGrass


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  • Hi,
    I’m so amazed with this project, I think it could be the start of the end of the e-consumism ^^
    I’d like to know more about it:
    is it yet working?
    where can I contact some kind of dealer?


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