Keep Your Old Thimbles And Have It As Your Cute Vintage Thimble Planters

Thimble can rust due to old age and users tend to toss them off to landfill, but that is if they have not known the Vintage Thimble Planters. As its name suggests, the thimble planter will hold your plants in an eco-friendly way, thus will produce clean and fresh air while keeping the environment safe with reduced waste.

Vintage Thimble Planters
Vintage Thimble Planters

An eco-designer from Eagan, Minnesota USA has just created a lovely planter using a vintage thimble, which you surely will toss off at first glance because of its rusty appearance. However, these rusts do not hinder the designer from creating eco-friendly products and has just completed the lovely vintage thimble planter. This act will surely reduce landfills. If you are into sewing and have numbers of old thimbles at home, this can surely make you save money from planters as you don’t need to buy one but instead, create a love vintage thimble planter enjoy the freshness the plants can bring to your home.

Vintage Thimble Planters
Vintage Thimble Planters
Vintage Thimble Planters

Source: Vintage Thimble Planters


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  • what kind of plant do you plant in a thimble

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