HMK 561: The Eco-friendly Electric Bike

Electric cars are designed and coming out in the market already. Some also come in hybrid mechanism and all of these kinds of vehicles carry the intention of saving the environment as its produce less if not zero emission. Another eco transportation means is designed and this time around, it is an electric bicycle concept called the HMK 561 and is designed by Ralf Kittmann. The HMK 561’s carbon fiber construction serves as the electricity conduction and capacitor that stores energy thus allows the bike’s frames to transmit power and allows the lights and motors to move. What is nicer with this bikes is that, it gains energy by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, thus the engine and light will turn on.

HMK 561 Electric Bike

HMK 561 Electric Bike

HMK 561 Electric Bike

HMK 561 Electric Bike

HMK 561 Electric Bike

Source: Ralf Kittmann via Buzz Beast


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