Hinterland 1 All Vehicle from Creative Unit

It is nice to know that an all-electric car is now available for use already. This can already be the answer to our high rocketing prices of gas. The Hinterland1 is an all-electric car deigned by Matin Aube of Creative Unit. Aside from being an eco-friendly car, it has a super sleek design that is fashionable and will definitely noticeable on the road. Using the Hinterland 1, you will not only save from gas, but will be fashionable on the road as well. Since this car is a four-person car, you can enjoy the ride with your friends and families too.

hinterland vehicle

hinterland vehicle

hinterland vehicle

Source : CreativeUnit via Inhabitat


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  • Electric tank-car of the future? The Hinterland 1 Concept Car – an electric minivan with Prius-like aerodynamics…


    It has the profile of a Toyota Prius interpreted by the late Maxime Faget, designer of the Space Shuttle. It’s the Hinterland 1, a conceptual all-electric minivan with a drag coefficient of less than 0.25 (the Prius’s is 0.26). And if its de…

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