Helix Wind Turbine To Power Cell Phone Towers

Cellular phone users from Africa and the USA will surely love to hear the news that Helix Wind is already working out for a way to power Cell Phone Towers in these areas using the renewable source of energy, the wind. With the fruition of this project, mobile communication cost will drastically be lowered while keeping a minimal impact to the environment at the same time. The Helix Wind Turbines test sites is hoped to installed by November 2009 in West Africa and the US. The wind turbines comes in Horizontal and Vertical form wherein both functions smoothly to provide enough energy for telecommunications companies.

Helix Wind Turbine

Helix Wind Turbine

Helix Wind Turbine

Helix Wind Turbine

Helix Wind Turbine

Helix Wind Turbine

Source: Helix Wind Corporation via Designboom


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  • Sweet looking Turbines. I looked up Helix Wind and it looks like they no longer do business. With a little research, I found out that a company named Venger Wind now has the patents to these Turbines.

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