Futuristic Aptera Vehicle is Coming …

Futuristic and sleek is what you can see with this new 2-seater Apera. Its eye catching design is not simply a design and for some car show. The Aptera’s aerodynamic design is for its efficiency. This eye-catching car is currently in production and is expected to cost about $30,000, and the all-electric version of it has ranges of about 120 miles per charge. The Aptera is expected to be on the roads within the year and its 300mpg hybrid version will soon to follow in 2009. If you are planning to own one of this high-end car, the company is now accepting reservations to those who are interested in owning an Aptera.




Source : Aptera via MetaEfficient


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  • Futuristic is it for sure, but does not look too practical.

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