Flip: Educates Every Household Member Of Your Energy Usage

Educating your kids on your energy usage and keeping them aware of it is a tough job to do. Because of this, designer Martin Spurway had designed Flip. Flip is an energy education tool that can be installed in your own homes. Ideal for those families living is cold areas, the Flip will allow people become more aware of their energy usage resulting to their home heating habits and how it can affect to the issue of climate change. The Flip is a tool that has the ability to monitor the efficiency and behavior of a home’s heating system. Users have to attach photos in the Flip and it will serve as the indication of the efficiency of a home’s heating system. The photos will start to fade the moment the heating system’s efficiency starts to decline with the help of the electro mechanical flip photos. In this way, homeowners can constantly check if they are wasting energy or not with the performance of their heating system.






Source: Martin Spurway


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