Flicker: Packs Things And Lights Up Rooms

Packaging materials are generally destined to be on our landfills after every use, which is eventually not a good idea for the environments. With the aim to help save the earth, designer Randy Chiang has created the Flicker, a packaging designed that allows users to recycle and use it as a lamp. The Flicker can be an elegant table or pendant light. It has the sleeves that can be slid up and down to work as the lamp’s manual dimmer. Using a low energy-consuming bulb, the flicker can already be an eco-friendly lighting system and an eco-packaging design in one.





Source: Randy Chiang


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  • wow this is really impressive!
    I am gonna try it at home!!
    I love these eco-friendly innovative DIY stuffs!!

    Thank you for sharing this, really!! =D

  • I’ve updated the project a bit. There is more content and better photography on my website (http://randychiang.tumblr.com/) and videos of the lamp on my vimeo site (http://vimeo.com/user3329147).

    Thanks for covering my work. This site is great!

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