Enjoy Racing Whilst Keeping The Environment Safe With Kumho Epoch

Racing cars are known to be gas consumers. However, designer Rob Dolton changes it all by designing the Kumho Epoch. Kumho Epoch is an eco-car powered by a battery and has a bamboo chassis. Designed for Le Mans, the bamboo used in the racer are grown in a bamboo forest owned by the company itself. The Kumho Epoch also has the award winning Kumo tires designed by Rob Dolton as well. Aside from being eco-friendly, the Kumho Epoch also has the sleek and futuristic look that many will surely be amaze the moment it hits the ground. With this racer, people can now enjoy racing sports without the worries of pollution and carbon footprints.

Kumho Epoch

Kumho Epoch

Kumho Epoch

Kumho Epoch

Kumho Epoch

From : Rob Dolton


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