EcoTop: A Stylish And Eco-friendly Countertops

Eco-friendly countertops are now starting to grow, as more and more designers and users are getting aware of saving the environment. Award winning designer Joel Klippert is just one of the now called eco-designers. He had created the Eco-top, a stylish, sleek and elegant countertops that contains all the quality of an eco-friendly product. The EcoTop is made from FSC certified fiber that contains 50 percent renewable bamboo fiber and 50 percent post-consumer recycled paper. Aside from its eco-friendly material, the EcoTop also has a super smooth texture and sleek lines that surely made the EcoTop countertops timelessly beautiful and elegant.

Eco-Top Countertops

Eco-Top Countertops

Eco-Top Countertops

Eco-Top Countertops

Eco-Top Countertops

Eco-Top Countertops

Eco-Top Countertops

Source: EcoTop


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  • Beware if you buy the black EcoTop material. It cannot be sanded and then refinished. We sanded ours last year and the installer showed us the correct process and how to refinish it. The finish now rubs off within a couple days and instead of a black countertop we have a dull blackish gray countertop. We are really unhappy with this product and the manufacturer does not reply to our correspondence at all. I guess they don’t care. Stay away from EcoTop, go with a more reliable company.

  • I know that if you want the "honed" look of the stock black then you should leave it alone but if you use the wax oil that we all use it turns out beautiful ! We used to use the same method with the old school "PaperStone" EcoTop easily knocks out Paperstone ! Personally , I love the Ecotop materials/products . This is the most versatile building product I have ever come accross ! And personally haven't had any customer care issues yet .
    I was told that is the distrbutor for Western Canada if you're trying to find the stuff .

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